At the end of the year we like to take a breath, look back, and see what God has been doing. We want to share with you, in their own words, how people were impacted by PRMI events throughout this past year.

 From Exousia in the Seattle, WA area:

“Exousia gave me an even better understanding of the Dunamis DNA and it helped me place the parts and pieces of Dunamis Projects in their places with understanding of the ‘whys’… There were also moments of ministry that have helped me make some important personal, ministry decisions.”

Earl Rutledge
                                                                      ~ Earl Rutledge, missionary to Nicaragua

“A good emphasis on intentionally reproducing ourselves (not “replacing” or “displacing” like David for Saul) for advancing, expanding, and building up of the Kingdom of God was a relevant theme. Making disciples of Jesus Christ is essential. Looking for and nurturing leaders is part of this.
~ Steve Scheibe

From Listening Evangelism in Guelph, ON:

Vol. 32 Dec 16 Listening Evangelism Dunamis-Ontario-300x245
“Learning how to minister to someone the way we were taught throughout the sessions made sense. It taught me how much easier it is to lead some one to Christ. I actually got excited when I was told about going out. Experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life on Friday evening along with my friends, we had no choice but to follow in obedience. It was truly a wonderful experience for all of us.”
~ Reta McCormick

“As a result [of this teaching] I am now asking the Lord to bring spiritually thirsty people to me, and He is doing that. I’m also asking to have margins in my life so that meaningful conversations can take place. Chris also freed me from guilt about not knocking on doors. God’s provision for me is the thirsty people He sends to me each week.”
~ Conoly and Betsy Phillips

From The Healing Ministry of Jesus, Palmer, AK:

“A truly wonderful, life changing event for me!!! Showing me this small glimpse of His love really has opened my heart even more to all of His children and I hope (will really try) to move bolder and with more conviction to act God’s will.”
~ Tami

From Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission, COC, Black Mountain, NC:

“[This event] Increased our awareness of His eternal presence with us, and also increased our joy, comfort, and confidence in God as we learned about the ways we are empowered for service by Him.”
~ Sam and Christa

From Upward Challenge, COC, Black Mountain, NC:

UC NC 2015

UC NC 2015

“It definitely strengthened [me] and helped me understand the love of God.”
~ Amanda

From Power of Prayer, Okoboji, IA:

“[The Power of Prayer] brought me closer to Christ in many ways. [The event] opened my eyes to wilderness experiences and gave me tools to walk closer with Christ – these being books and alternative ways to get into the word of God.”
~ Cheryl Fey

El Greco’s Pentecost, the Holy Spirit falling upon Jesus’ first disciples.

El Greco’s Pentecost, the Holy Spirit falling upon Jesus’ first disciples

From Ignite 4, Black Mountain, NC

“It drew me closer to Him. It gave me some tools to become more Christ-like, especially in how to listen to others for the opportunity to share what He has done in my life.”
~ Marcia Chabot

From The Healing Power of Jesus, Montrose, PA:

“The lab times were powerful, particularly because we were always paired with people that we didn’t know and still words/images/bible verses were shared that can only be explained as coming from the Holy Spirit!”
~ Tara Dent

Praise God for how he continues to transform lives and equip the saints for ministry!

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