The following are praises and prayer needs for the ministry of PRMI.

Please join with us in this praise and in praying for all of these issues.

Join Us In Praising God For What He has Done

1. An exciting week at Upward Challenge, North Carolina.

A couple weeks ago the Community of the Cross was overflowing with teenagers, young adults and older adults serving each other and learning about prayer.

We saw community formed and lives changed as the love of Jesus was shared in a multitude of ways. One of the campers even gave their life to Christ! Thank you for praying for us. And, thank God for giving us good weather.

2. Financial Provision

Many of you have been responding to our need for prayer in the area of financial provision. Thank you for the discernment you have shared with us. We have seen unusual provision during the month of July. Praise God!

3. Roof Work

The resources needed to replace the roof on the PRMI Log House have been received and work is starting this week

Please Pray for

Remaining Upward Challenges (UC).  Two down and two to go.

North Carolina and Alaska have had great reports about this year’s Upward Challenge.

Continue to prayer for UC in England, August 12-17, 2013 and the launch of UC in Michigan, August 19-23, 2013.

Continue to pray for additional registrations for both places.

The PRMI Board meeting, August 12-14, 2013

A particular challenge will be maintaining the fellowship and good communication that is so important, as we hold meetings over the internet instead of onsite at the Community of the Cross, in order to save money.

Pray for wisdom and discernment as the Board meets.

Nineteen congregations
that are now looking at our new Growing Your Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit video course for congregations. Pray for timing and openness to this teaching.

Guidance about how to respond to open doors to China this fall in 2013.

The August 23-24,2013 event at Montrose Bible Conference
Renewing the Legacy of R.A. Torrey. We are seeing signs of a new wave of the Holy Spirit bringing renewal and awakening in the Northeastern part of the USA. Pray the event in Montrose will be a spark for renewal.

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