A donor just invested $54,000 US in PRMI’s Dunamis Institute (DI).  We have applied this donation toward the major work of launching the DI.

The DI enables the Dunamis Project and other PRMI ministry and teaching events.  The DI calls, equips and deploys Holy Spirit-anointed faculty and teachers who provide ministry and teaching online and on-site worldwide.  In 2012, PRMI estimates $120,000 in costs associated with DI faculty and teacher development and sending. We praise Jesus for the $54,000 gift and many other donations we have received to further this effort.  These investments enable PRMI’s future.

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Faculty being trained at our recent Spiritual Leadership Teacher Training event at the CoC in Black Mountain, NC

Recently, Cindy Strickler, Dunamis Institute Dean of the Faculty, mailed a gift appeal asking for prayer and investment in the DI launching process, which will assure the faculty and teachers required in order to respond to the “Macedonian calls” that we welcome from around the world.  Just last week we received correspondence about launching a Dunamis Project track in Malaysia.  We seek God’s provision to respond to this and so many other opportunities.

Currently, the DI has 71 Faculty and Apprentice Teachers.  Also, we have put in place a process for bringing on new faculty and teachers.  Earlier this summer, we offered one equipping session, which is required for all faculty and teachers. We will offer another session this fall.  We have begun the process of establishing course structure and the delivery system for online courses.  And, we continue to heavily invest in establishing partnerships so we may expand to many locations around the world.

Gifts of all sizes are required to reach the goal of $120,000.  Will you consider giving a one-time, generous gift?  If yes, please click HERE.

Thank you for your financial investment and prayers for DI’s launch. We are eager to experience the Lord using the DI to greatly expand PRMI’s teaching and ministry worldwide for the advancement of God’s kingdom and glory.

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