We do not believe it is for the glory of God to have a roof that leaks every time it rains!

Indeed some have told us that the Lord is not going to give us any more buildings until we can take care of the ones the Lord has already given us.

For about 5 years we have tried various options to fix this leaky roof on the log house at the Community of the Cross.

This was our vice president of the Board Steve Geurink’s passion!

It was also an area of his expertise.

But all our fixes failed!

We decided that the best cause of action was just to replace the whole roof with a new 50-year metal roof and new skylights.

The estimate for getting this work done is 15,000 – 20,000 US $ (depending on how much internal damage may have been done.)

The Log House at the Community of the Cross in Black Mountain, NC
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The Log House at the Community of the Cross in Black Mountain, NC

Many of you joined us in praying for this and also in giving to make it possible.

After Steve died after a bout with cancer, PRMI was listed as a place where people could give memorials.

Many have given and continue to give. Because of Steve’s concern for the roof we have used a portion of that money for that cause.

We also just received a very generous gift of $10,000! Now we have enough to go forward. So the materials have been ordered and as soon as it stops raining here in Black Mountain we will proceed!

Thanks so much for helping us pray in the money needed for this new roof and to all of you who are being moved to give in answer to that prayer. We may need more if we find the damage to be extensive, so please keep praying for this!

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