Tamera Brockman

Tamera was led to PRMI through her church. God has used PRMI to show that He is near and not a far away God and wants her to cooperate with Him now. This was worldview shattering and joyful for her to discover.

PRMI also was instrumental in introducing the Holy Spirit’s many creative ways to manifest and bless. She has been blessed to use her artistic talents at Dunamis events.

Dunamis teachings have been used by Holy Spirit to deliver Tamera from fears and heal past wounds she did not even know existed. Now, she is noticeably a new creation and able to stand in spiritual warfare against the enemy’s subtle tactics.

When Tamera stepped out in faith to teach Dunamis material, she was overjoyed and delighted to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in teaching and connecting the material with her experiences and illustrations. She is passionate about helping others come to know greater freedom thru the material and the valuable lab times!

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