Stephanie Goodwin

Director for Youth and Young Adults

I first encountered PRMI in 2013 when I was asked by my Pastor to take 3 youth girls to an Upward Challenge in Black Mountain, NC.

I was a school teacher at the time and a youth leader and readily said, “Yes”, not considering or even realizing how the Lord would use PRMI to open up so many doors for me both individually and corporately. It was at this first event, during the leadership meetings, that the Lord used PRMI’s leadership model and listening prayer to teach me and to confirm in me the gifts the Holy Spirit had already been growing in me.

I didn’t have any type of language or even corporate experience of seeing the body operating in their spiritual giftings and in being led by the Holy Spirit in every step.

It was mind blowing, world view shifting, and an unlocking of a barrier that had held me in a place of limbo and sluggish-ness for so long. I had longed for more. To know more. To experience the Lord more. Just. More.

I started taking as many courses as I could fit into my schedule without getting fired.

I have learned and stepped into Spirit-led ministry and the freedom that comes from His leading and not my own. For so long ministry and leadership had been about performance, because how else do you do things if you don’t know what it looks like to listen, to submit, and to dance with Holy Spirit!?

I finally had answers to questions I’d been asking for much of my walk with the Lord!

I was born and raised in Florida and I currently reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am an elementary school teacher turned Millennial ministry pursuer! My heart and passion is for the Millennial generation and those following to know their identity in Christ, walk in healing, and discipleship.

In my work with PRMI, I get the privilege of pouring into the next generation and partnering with the Lord in equipping them with opportunities to step into leadership and Spirit-led ministry. I work part-time with Campus Ministry and am on Kendall College of Art and Design’s campus, discipling and raising up student leaders in ministry. I have a deep desire to see the Spirit move through His Bride for His Glory and believe revival is coming soon!

Stephanie McClain, 2017 Director Upward Challenge
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