Rev. Trevor Payton

Trevor has been ordained as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Christian Reformed Church since 2006, serving churches in Ontario and New Jersey. He thoroughly enjoys any opportunity to serve as a Dunamis Project Teacher, because this material has renewed and reshaped his own life so powerfully.

For most of his life, Trevor “knew” the gospel and could explain it clearly and even passionately—his high school friends sometimes referred to him as “RevTrev”!—and yet, for some reason, he never had much inner joy in knowing or serving the Lord. But then, when Trevor asked some people to pray for him at a PRMI training event in June of 2013, God “broke through” to Trevor’s heart in a way that he had never dreamed possible. Now Trevor’s greatest delight is in knowing God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and helping others to know Him too!

If you’ve ever got a few hours to spare, ask Trevor to tell you what he loves most about PRMI’s approach to cooperating with the Holy Spirit in ministry today! But for the sake of brevity, and to whet your appetite, here’s a one-sentence summary: He values (1) PRMI’s teaching because it is grounded firmly and deeply in Scripture, and (2) PRMI’s practice because it is thoroughly humble and gentle.

Since July of 2000 Trevor has been married to his wife, Erin; they have four children of their own, as well as one adopted child whom they met and fell in love with through foster-parenting. They also home-school their children…yes, all five of them! Trevor’s hobbies include soccer and strategy games, as well as just about anything that involves lightsabers or hobbits.

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