Rev. Paul Stokes

Academic Dean for the Dunamis Institute
Director of the Dunamis Fellowship in Britain and Ireland

I never wanted to get involved with Dunamis, but God has a way of winning arguments! What I discovered was the fleshed-out reality of the stories I’d read in the Bible. Theology changed from book-theory into exciting practice!

Through Dunamis I discovered how to start living in step with whatever the Holy Spirit is doing, both in my personal life and also in the churches and ministries that I have been involved in. It is humbling and exciting to see people grow in their understanding and experience of co-operating with the Holy Spirit, and know that I have been part of their story.

I have an MA from the University of Cambridge, and was ordained as Minister in the United Reformed Church in the United Kingdom in 1992, where I have served three congregations (one of them for over 29 years). For five years I was also an Evangelism and Renewal Advocate, running workshops and seminars for a variety of churches.

My first Dunamis event was in 2001 and I was gripped by the biblical teaching coupled with authentic personal experience. A year later I became involved with delivering the teaching myself.

Since then I have been in leadership for Dunamis in the UK – both as a Track Director and as part of the national leadership. I am the Director of the Dunamis Fellowship in Britain and Ireland, overseeing the personnel and events in this region.

As well as travelling to teach, I have also been nurturing others in their leadership and teaching roles, not only in the UK but also South Korea, Canada and the USA.

I’m the Academic Dean for the Dunamis Institute, overseeing and developing our materials, ensuring that our teachers and leaders faithfully embody the DNA of Dunamis, and helping PRMI to fulfil our assigned role of igniting the church in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Together with Brad Long and Cindy Strickler I co-authored the book Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit, connecting our teaching with congregational life.

I live in Plymouth (you’ll find it in the bottom left hand corner of England), am married to the gorgeous Cynthia, and we have two married daughters and two grandsons.

I have a painful sense of humour (painful for others, not for me!), and I live with a hearing disability that was caused by measles when I was 4 years old.  Sometimes what I hear isn’t exactly what was said …which can be a recipe for amusement, or disaster!

I enjoy rugby (though my playing days are over), swimming, playing Bridge and eating chocolate. I have far too many novels on my bookshelves – a hobby that I share with my wife. And I love SciFi (books and movies), especially when it’s thought-provoking. When I came to faith aged 16 that was partly because of Star Wars (the original, 1977 movie) …so thanks, George Lucas, I owe you one!

Paul Stokes, Director of DFBI explains the hopes and challenges facing DFB&I
Paul Stokes, Director of DFBI explains the hopes and challenges facing DFB&I
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