Rev. Becki Neumann

In 1993 my good Presbyterian convinced me to go to an event called “The Power of Prayer.” That sounded safe enough for this good Anglican girl to risk going.

The first evening I experienced worship as I never had before. By the time I went home five days later, my life was transformed by the inner working of the Holy Spirit.

I had met the person of Jesus face to face, experienced the glory of God, and been filled with the Holy Spirit.

Prior to coming to the event all I knew of the Holy Spirit could be summed up in the lines of Nicene Creed referencing Him.

During our 8 hour drive home, my friend and I talked, trying to figure out what had happened to us!

Through the ministry of PRMI and the Dunamis series, God has done a deep work in me, bringing healing and wholeness, enabling me to embrace a call to ordained ministry, run a youth camp, and pastor one church while planting another.

I am truly experiencing the abundant life Jesus promises.

Becki served as President of the PRMI Board of Directors, August 2019 – 2020.

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