Missy Codington

After graduating college in 1990, I was ready to experience all that God had for me and conquer the world!

In 1991, God granted me the opportunity to attend my first PRMI event, a Prayer Mountain in Montreat, NC, where He filled me with His spirit to enable me to live my faith as a conqueror through Christ. 

I eagerly consumed all that PRMI could offer in my quest to grow in faith and practice. 

Through the Dunamis Projects, Prayer Mountains, mission trips, and other PRMI experiences, God has provided me with solid Biblical teaching that established a framework for life in the Spirit. 

PRMI also connected me with several spiritual mentors who encouraged me, taught me, pushed me and helped me experience a life of faith. God gave friends in this fellowship who walked with me through tough times, laughed with me in joyful times, and partnered with me in ministry.

PRMI discipled me and helped to shape my spiritual journey. 

My passion is to see others grow in their faith, discover their giftings, and walk with them. 

PRMI Board of Directors

I am excited to be a part of the Board, and I look forward to helping others discover their place in God’s Kingdom as well as helping to equip them to fulfill His calling on their lives.

I have facilitated and taught Dunamis materials in small groups  both in community and church settings. I am currently an apprentice teacher for Dunamis and am part of the team for the Community of the Cross Dunamis track. This past summer I was the director for the family friendly portion for Dunamis Project #3 at the Community of the Cross. 

I helped plan and served on the team for the Family Dunamis and designed/taught a Perspective-like course for high schoolers. 

Missy currently lives in Clinton, SC, and is active at her church, Brookwood with her family. She and her husband, Philip Codington have three teen children, Ivy, Andrew, and Page, and three chickens. She teaches Biology and other science classes part-time and enjoys travel, reading, hiking and gardening. 

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