Lauren Rittman

Administrator to Youth and Young Adult Ministries

My first experience was auditing the Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course in February of 2015. I thought I would come, sit in the back, observe and listen, and be able to apply some new learning to my thriving youth ministry back in Kentucky.

When I say I took a “crash course” into PRMI, I’m not exaggerating!

Like most journeys involving the Holy Spirit and PRMI, who always lets Him lead, I came face to face with a worldview shift that rocked me to my cradle-Presbyterian core (I’m 3rd generation Presbyterian…pray for me)!

In that one event, I learned the Holy Spirit is real, God does indeed talk to me, I have spiritual gifts, and I need a lot of healing! Just ask anyone; I needed… A LOT of healing! Haha! 

Thus started my endless pursuit of PRMI programs.

As I grew in knowledge, fellowship and understanding of cooperation with the Holy Spirit, I was also set free from so many chains of hurt and guilt. I will never stop telling people how Jesus is my Savior, but to me and just as important, Jesus is my HEALER! 

I’ve worked in youth ministry since 2001.

I love to tell my youth about “Bible secrets.”

These are “ah-hah” moments when scripture comes alive, when the history or context becomes real and relatable, and the real character of God’s heart floats up through His word.

PRMI, in my opinion, has 6 hefty manuals of those secrets.

With each course I took, I found revelation in more and more of my study of scripture!

The best part about these “secrets” is that they aren’t really secret!

The world had just clouded my vision of seeing them in truth, as they were meant to be.

The best part; I get to tell others about them!!

So, naturally, as a youth minister, I had to take everything I’ve learned back to my youth group and help them learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit! Imagine how your life would (or could) have been different if you knew that the Holy Spirit was real and wanting you to partner with Him to advance the Kingdom of God?! I know right!?!?! So Amazing!

Even better, PRMI has its own youth-aged experience called Upward Challenge, and a college-young-adult ministry called With the Wind. I knew I had to be a part of it, seeing other youth and young people have their own revelations and “ah-hah” moments is the best part of what I do!

If I’m not coming up with master plans to help young people to experience the power and awesomeness of the Holy Spirit, I’m singing, listening to books, doing crafts and pestering some smart people with tons of questions!

For example, if animals go to heaven (Isaiah 11), and there’s absolute perfection and peace in heaven… that means we get to ride Pterodactyls right??

Could you imagine meeting your family at the pearly gates riding on a Pterodactyl? So awesome!

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