Kay Gebben

Treasurer, PRMI (2020 and forward)

Kay is Chief Financial Officer of Venture Source, Inc. Kay has served as track director for a Dunamis Project series in Michigan and as an intercessor in several places for the ministry.

Kay tells her story of how Dunamis changed her Christian walk:

I was sitting in church one Sunday morning, and I simultaneously kind of had two realizations.

I was discontent with the quality of my spiritual walk. Though I knew the Lord, I wanted to go much deeper in my walk with Him.

At the same time as I was sitting in church, I realized that church programs were not going to fill that for me. The programs were fantastic, but I still wanted more.

It was a nagging sense that I was missing some part of God’s kingdom work in my life.

Through the Dunamis Project – I discovered a lifestyle of ministry of cooperation with the Holy Spirit. That has been a life-changer for my Christian walk.

Watch Kay tell her story: Stories of Dunamis – Kay

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