James Nicholson

Hi there! If we haven’t met before I’m James Nicholson. I live in Coventry in the United Kingdom with my wife Nicola. We are both musicians and lead worship at some Dunamis Fellowship Britain & Ireland (DFB&I) and PRMI events.

We have been involved in Dunamis for over 9 years, starting as teenagers with Upward Challenge in the United Kingdom.

We served on a track team between 2018-2022 and have served at several PRMI events including leading worship this year at the DFI in 2022.

I currently serve on the leadership team for the DFB&I and Nicola works part time as our administrator. I work as an Audio Visual Technician and love all things guitar, recording equipment, and Star Wars!

Shortly after the DFI in January 2021 there were a couple of conversations regarding the area of Creative Arts and how PRMI might intentionally engage more in this area. Cindy Strickler asked me if I would lead a small group to pray in and discern a vision for this area.

After meeting throughout the first half of the year the project was paused until the team had more time to meet together. Just prior to attending the DFI 2022, on my drive to work, I received a download from the Lord which was a vision for creative arts ministry.

This vision was shared at the DFI and has received a great response from those who joined us both live in the room and online.

There was some good input and discussion during those sessions, since then our vision for the creative arts ministry has been refined and developed.

If you have any questions or want to chat about this area of ministry then please contact me at james@dunamis.org.uk or email creativearts@prmi.org

See the Creative Arts of PRMI’s ministry page!

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