Greg Wohrle

PRMI Board of Directors (August 2020 — )

I was raised in the church and have been a believer since age twelve, serving in multiple ways from church janitorial duties, teaching adults, leading small groups, volunteering in teen ministry, serving on church and other boards.  I was a “faithful churchman.” 

I was intentionally serving the Lord in my local church and didn’t know there was more.  It wasn’t until I received the PRMI teaching at Dunamis Projects in 2003 that I understood there was so much more in walking with Jesus through knowing and cooperating with Holy Spirit.

In 2003, my wife asked me to attend a five-day Spiritual Warfare Dunamis Project Retreat at Victory Bible Camp in Alaska. I had my concerns, but to support my wife, I agreed to go. 

I told myself, “I would back the car into a parking spot and keep the keys to the car in my pocket, so if things got too strange, I could escape quickly.”   

What I experienced at the retreat and have found to be the richness of PRMI:

  • Biblical teaching.
  • Leadership operating in their giftings, discerning/confirming together.
  • A welcoming and safe environment.  
  • Regular men and women from various denominations who loved the Lord and focused on exalting Jesus, representing the greater body of Christ.
  • People who believed in the power of prayer.  
  • Leadership and attendees who relied on and modeled an expectant dependence on the Holy Spirit to lead.  
  • Attendees and leadership looked with anticipation to what God would do and how each would be asked to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  
  • Teaching methods provided for studying the Bible and learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in doing what the Bible said.  
  • It was a safe place to practice cooperating with the Holy Spirit.
  • Providing an intentional time of debriefing, encouraging all questions and discernment.  
  • Fellowship and worship that was rooted in exalting Jesus Christ.
  • Biblical teaching on the person and working of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • An opportunity to receive prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to be empowered to be God’s witnesses to this world.  

What my wife and I experienced was truly life-changing.  The Holy Spirit used the Dunamis project teaching to change me.  

LOVING our Lord, my wife, my family, and others daily.  SERVING, PROVIDING, and LIVING in the family, marketplace/workplace, community, and body of Christ where God has placed me. 

Since my initial introduction to PRMI, I have continued to serve through my local church and my wife and I minister in our community sharing what we have learned and experienced.  I currently serve within the Dunamis Fellowship Alaska and have served as Dunamis Project Tract Director and project team member.

My wife, Julie, and I are parents to five adult children and two wonderful grandchildren.  We have lived in Alaska for 28 years.  With the blessing of raising five children, I have had the opportunity to be a volunteer coach for youth and high school sports for a couple of decades in our local community.  Now that my children are grown, most recently, I have begun officiating basketball.  It has provided me a continued avenue to be in our local community outside our local church community.

God has blessed me with a career in project management of engineering, fabrication, and construction projects in the oil, gas, and power industry for over 35 years.  It is my full-time vocation and is the marketplace where I am called to live out my faith.

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