Emily Claire de Luna

I’d been introduced to PRMI back in 2012, while studying an Interdisciplinary program at Montreat College. A position for housekeeping opened up at the Community of the Cross. I began a new journey, exploring into various forms of service and leadership.

My desire to shepherd others into receiving the truth accompanied my hunger, to seek first His Kingdom.  That same year, I participated in an event for young adults called With the Wind.

I captured for the first time in my life the vision that I am a child of the Most High God, as John 3:8 was brought to light. Prior to coming to Montreat, I believed that my time in the mountains of North Carolina is what was going to heal the brokenness of my past and deep wounds from my childhood.

I found strength in the Lord and healing in my life, as I gave my heart to Jesus.

The Dunamis project teaching equipped me to love as unconditionally and fully as I had first been loved by God’s very own Son, Jesus.  

I’d been invited to work with the children at the Spiritual Dynamics of Global Missions conference that following year at the Community of the Cross.

My eyes were opened to how the Holy Spirit leads His children, instructing them in His Truth. That experience had prepared me to serve alongside a missions organization in Spain, called Youth for Christ. I had the honor to witness an entire generation become trail blazers in the Kingdom.

Several years later, I had been invited to participate in a program called Sherpa with Youth for Christ in the mountains of North Carolina. We came together from five different nations, to lead youth into the mountains on discipleship centered explorations.

The Dunamis teaching laid a foundation in cooperating with the Holy Spirit, as the burdens of another were impossible to bear without Jesus. This aided to my ability to navigate in the wilderness by walking in step with the Spirit. Since then, I’ve come out of the wilderness.

I’ve served the Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center, learning the beauty of local missions and city life. I studied the art of communications and technology to advance God’s Kingdom.

I began to see the value in maintaining contact with other believers, across the nations. To encourage the body of Christ, beyond geographic limitations.

My studies branched out into creating material that would encapsulate moments, shared alongside our brothers and sisters on the streets. Major victories had and territory gained for the Kingdom, as freedom rose from the ashes of oppression by the Spirit of the Living God. 

My hope in serving PRMI is to continue in this line of sight and take part in representing the Kingdom by creating articles that reveal the glory of the Lord. It is a joy to connect with God’s children and encourage them to remain faithful to His Word throughout every fiery trial.

My role as the communications coordinator will be:

  • to create timeless articles, extracted from the Dunamis project.
  • to assist in website expansion in getting PRMI on the map of Google’s radar.
  • to continue branding social media and website content.
  • to create and distribute emails in relation to the timeless articles.
  • to create print publications (flyers, brochures, postcards, etc.).
  • to create images and videos that reflect the nature of the ministry. And to post on the PRMI platforms daily!

I believe in the vision and leadership of PRMI, along with the Dunamis teachings to fulfill the great commission and awaken the body of Christ to arise into our true calling. 

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