Barbara Koob

Several years ago, I sensed the Lord call me to write about biblical dream interpretation and my healing journey with Jesus.

This act of obedience is what I now call my “my dream journey with the Lord”, but ironically, I never wanted to be a writer. However, you never know how God will lead your steps and what He will call you to do!

For today, I am the Writing Project  Manager for PRMI’s Executive Director, the Rev. Dr. Brad Long.

Experiences with PRMI

Over the years, I have many amazing experiences at PRMI at the Community of the Cross. For starters, I attended my first Dunamis Conference back in 2009, and quickly fell in love with the Dunamis Tracks and kept returning for more.

Next,  I attended PRMI’s Advance Healing and Deliverance Program, for I was hooked on the teaching about inner healing and the personal experiences that I received from the Holy Spirit.

Being raised a Catholic, I now look back and realize that God specifically led me to PRMI to train me in the power of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit working together, especially regarding listening prayer and inner healing. I also learned about Christian community, working on a team, and how to correctly discern the works of the Holy Spirit.

In fact, almost every time I attended a PRMI event at Black Mountain, I encountered Jesus and often experienced a prophetic dream from God. He even used a dream which led me to sign-up for PRMI’s Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor in 2016. It was there in Israel, that I learned about the Jewish Messiah Yeshua who broke down the walls of hostility to reconcile us to God through the power of the cross, making us all “One New Man” (Ephesians 2:14-15).

PRMI Prayer Cohorts

It was there that the Lord awakened my heart to see what He is doing in Israel and in all the Nations that we may be called into His Kingdom of love as sons and daughters. And it was there in Israel, that I started my intercessory prayer journey participating in PRMI’s Prayer Cohorts for such a time as this.

Around that same time, after eight long years of learning how to write and biblically interpret dreams, I finally published my book Dream Discoveries.

It is written to help ordinary people like myself learn to hope and dream with God’s purpose. Without question, PRMI has been instrumental in helping me mature in Christ that I may fulfill my God-given destiny, and that is why I absolutely love the PRMI ministry.

So, why not dream big with God to see what He will do in your life?

Step out in faith and attend a PRMI event today!

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