Can you imagine teaching the Dunamis Gateways to Empowered Ministry at Union Theological Seminary in VA, at Princeton Seminary in NJ, or at Cambridge in the UK?

Can you imagine in your wildest dreams and deepest hopes and prayers for the Church that the seminary professors would not only be open to exploring the person and work of the Holy Spirit but actually at the end of the lectures ask to be prayed for, to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that they could witness more effectively to Jesus Christ as the way of salvation?

It happened! It really happened here at the Reformed Seminary in Indonesia.

12 min video of Dr. Brad Long talking about the experience of Pentecost that took place in Indonesia during the teaching of the Gateways Dunamis Project

Teaching Dunamis in Indonesia

There were about 25 faculty members – almost the entire faculty of the Theological College including the Principal of the School and the Academic Deans.

Seeing the large number of pastors taking part in the Dunamis Equipping tracks started two years ago, they asked Frank Drake whether Dunamis could be brought to the Seminary. So this is how we got here.

The faculty were small in number, but represented were scholars, experienced pastors, and professors with advanced degrees from leading seminaries in Asia and the West, including Princeton Theological Seminary, San Francisco and the Asian Theological Center in Seoul Korea. Their academic training was obvious.

Bill Burgess, Brad Long, and Frank Drake

Bill Burgess, Brad Long, and Frank Drake teaching Dunamis

As Frank, Bill Burgess and I started to teach through the Gateways manual, it was slow going because we were there more as colleagues than teachers, struggling together to work through the Biblical and Reformed Theological basis of the teaching on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. They had many excellent theological, biblical and practical questions. They wanted to know the Hebrew and Greek text on the Bible verses we were quoting.

It was all very challenging! But as we taught through the Dunamis manual I we could see the Holy Spirit beginning to work in their hearts and their minds. A real breakthrough came when Frank brought a word of knowledge that had been received by the intercessors down below.

Taking A Risk Leads To Kairos Moment

The Team Praying

The team laying hands on pastor

When Frank took the risk of speaking out this word during his teaching on the Four Works of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit used this word to speak directly into their hearts. It was a a kairos moment. Then the Lord moved us beyond the academic lecture into a time of prayer and confession.

That night at the debriefing, I was able to teach more on the four guidelines for discernment and talk about the dance of cooperating with the Holy Spirit. Everyone was quite excited about this as we had just experienced this actual working of the Holy Spirit in the middle of an “academic” lecture by Frank. This was a turning point.

In all this Frank is an amazing teacher; not only is he fluent in Indonesian, but he has mastered the Dunamis course contents, and is a Greek scholar. I am not! But he is and did an amazing job explaining the difference in Greek between the two ways of the being filled with the Holy Spirit. One “being filled” refers to the Holy Spirit’s work of falling upon for power or empowerment. The other “filled” refers to the work of the Spirit within for salvation and sanctification.

As the sound biblical and Reformed theological foundations of the teaching on the infilling with the Holy Spirit were established in their minds through careful study and reasoned analysis, their hearts became open to actually move from the theory to the practice.

This happened on Saturday afternoon, which will be marked as a “Pentecost” among the faculty of the College. This event was wonderful and an astonishing evidence of the reality of the Holy Spirit. This move was prepared for by a faithful team of intercessors who were down below us, praying that we would be in an “upper room” and that there would be a bubble of protection for the professors to pray for and receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, as they requested the Holy Spirit to come upon them in power.

This out pouring was quiet and very appropriate for this group. There was no emotionalism but many wonderful manifestations of the Holy Spirit as He fell upon them in power. They received spiritual gifts as well as many prophetic words directing future work. Above all, there was the anointing of the Holy Spirit to bring their students into a deeper faith in Jesus Christ in both their hearts and minds. There was also the anointing to include the empowering of the Holy Spirit as part of equipping their students for the gospel ministry.

We believe that the results of this “Pentecost” will be experienced in the church in Indonesia for generations to come to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Frank is anointed with an apostolic anointing to bring this equipping to the Christians of Indonesia. He is uniquely prepared and able to cross over into their culture, but above all has a deep love for the people and the church. God is using him in a mighty way here, so pray for his protection as this puts him right on the frontlines of advancing the Kingdom of God which is in direct conflict with the demonic strongholds that would block this advance.

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support. We are all being honored with the opportunity to take part in a mighty move of God advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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