The Dunamis Institute is in partnership with various people and ministries around the world.  As we walk together in cooperation with the Holy Spirit we will occasionally have the opportunity to share in the stories and challenges of what the Spirit is doing in their contexts.  In this post Gary Wybenga introduces our partnership and needs with South Sudan and includes a letter from Rev. William Deng who recently attended the PRMI Dunamis Fellowship Meeting.

As  I have recently reported we have a major open door to South Sudan to work among the Anglicans providing equipping.

We have established a partnership  with the Anglican Church there and are working to advance this ministry.

We urgently need prayer as well as finances to support this partnership to this newest of all nations,  and one ravaged by decades of barbaric Islamic Jihad which murdered, enslaved and impoverished  thousands of Christians in Southern Sudan, now become the new nation of South Sudan.

Bishop Abraham Neiha is in South Sudan so could not make it to the Founding meeting of the Dunamis Institute at the Dunamis Fellowship International Meeting.

So he sent another “lost boy” who is now also an Anglican priest, The Rev. William Deng.

He just sent the following  copy of  a report about the Dunamis Fellowship International Meeting that I found immensely encouraging.   I was touched deeply by this man’s observations on what he experienced at this meeting.

Report from Rev. William Deng from South Sudan.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Receive the warm greetings from the bottom of my heart. I hope you are doing well in your respective places that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ assigned you to serve His people.

Sorry, it took me a while to report to you the outcome of the PRMI meeting  I had attended last month in North Carolina.

First, I want to thank PRMI members for  allowed me to attend their annual conference and I thank them for their love and concern for the people of South Sudan, the followers of Christ like them.

Also, it was my privilege to meet a wonderful man of God, the Rev. Dr. Brad Long.

Throughout the conference, Brad Long was happy laughing and hugging everyone in the meeting.

It was the best meeting in my life and I realized that it  was God’s way to connect us with PRMI through Martha and Bill, who were first our  friends, in the middle became brother and sister in Christ, and at the last, they became part of our family.

May God bless them abundantly.

For those who do not know what PRMI stand for, it is Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International.

This group is a Biblically based organization, a people of God that wanted the word of God to reach everyone everywhere around the world.

Their mission statement said, “Exalting Jesus Christ! Igniting the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit under the authority of the Holy Bible as the word of God through prayer”.

We Episcopalian or Anglicanism understood this statement because Thomas Cranmer, the founding father of Anglican church stated that “we believe in the Supreme Authority of the Holy Scripture, both the Old Testament and the New Testament (Bible)”.

The meeting I had attended was called the Dunamis Fellowship International Annual Meeting.

It was convened for five days and almost the whole world was represented.

The Dunamis missionaries touch the four corners of the earth.  The meeting was wonderful and the worship and praying part touched the five senses of mine. I felt the presence of God Almighty  in the room.  It was the best days that I can remember in my life.

The meeting went well and  Rev. Dr. Brad Long and I represented the people of the South Sudan.

Brad  asked me to talk a little bit about the story of the Lost Boys of the Sudan and I did and Brad explained to the people deeply.

I also, added the position of the church in Sudan now.  Everyone who was present understood the persecute church in Sudan and they are praying for the people of the South Sudan and the church in Sudan as large.

After the meeting, I felt that Dunamis project will be a good tools for church leaders in South Sudan and how we can go about it?

I first, suggested that we need a discernment group, the prayer warriors committee that pray for how this Dunamis training will go to South Sudan.

Since Martha is almost finishing Dunamis training course, she will be outstanding leader to lead this group and Frank Drake and Brad Long will help her.  Bishop Abraham, Pastor Allen and I will be in the committee and we need more people.  Through the power of  God , the Dunamis training will go to South Sudan.

God bless you all

William Deng

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