Have you heard of the Lost Boys of Sudan? These were 1000’s of boys as well as girls who walked over a thousand miles, fleeing the Islamic Jihad that has been waged against Christians in Sudan for decades.

About 2 million Christians have been murdered with thousands more taken into slavery, a practice condoned by Islam even in the 21st Century. For the last year we have been getting to know one of those “lost boys” Abraham Nhial. He has written an excellent book called, “Lost Boy No More.” Abraham has recently been called as a Bishop in the Anglican Church and is a leader in the world’s newest-birthed nation of South Sudan.

He has been to the Community of the Cross a number of times and in May took part in our Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit equipping event at which we also had 30 pastors from Indonesia. The connection between Abraham and the Indonesians was truly arranged by the Holy Spirit – both South Sudanese and Indonesians are experiencing persecution from Islam. Amazingly, what comes through is a great love of the people who are in bondage to the religion of Islam and a passion to witness to them about the love, forgiveness, new life and eternal salvation that is found only in Jesus Christ.

The experience of persecution which has often included their churches being burned and men, women and children being massacred in the name of Allah, has led them to the desperate realization that it is only in the power of the Holy Spirit that they can witness effectively with signs and wonders to Muslims. So they are drawn to PRMI and to our Dunamis Project teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit.

Abraham told harrowing stories of the churches and villages recently destroyed by Muslim jihadist in his own area in Southern Sudan. They are desperately poor and need all sorts of material help. But when asked “What do you need most to help you?”, he said, “We need training! We need the equipping that you do in the Dunamis Project that is from the Bible and has good theology but also is practical and enables us to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses to Jesus Christ.”

This request for equipping fits with the vision of the Dunamis Institute and so we are developing a partnership between the PRMI Dunamis Institute and the Anglican Church of South Sudan and the diocese over which Abraham serves as bishop. We will be making arrangements for Abraham to come to the USA with other key leaders from the Anglican Church to go through our equipping. We are also hoping to send a team to South Sudan after June of 2012. We really need prayer and financial and people support for this incredible opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God in the battlefield for the Christian faith.

How you can help us step into this opportunity strategic to advancing the Kingdom of God?

Dr. Brad Long and Bishop Abraham - One of the Lost Boys of Sudan

A Macedonian Call! In Oct. 2011 Anglican Bishop Abraham Nhial (a former “Lost Boy”) asking us to start offering the Dunamis Project to church leaders in the new nation of South Sudan

We really need your prayer and financial support to enable us to fulfill this partnership.

Financial Gifts may be given to PRMI designated for the South Sudan DI Partnership. These financial gifts will be used for the following:

  • Enabling key leaders in South Sudan to receive Dunamis training in the United States and the United Kingdom so that they may be qualified for membership in the Dunamis Fellowship International and qualified to be invited to the DI Faculty for leadership in Equipping in South Sudan.
  • Sending teaching teams to compliment the Sudanese leaders for Dunamis Project equipping courses and events in Sudan.
  • To help in the development of teaching materials and delivery means that are appropriate to the cultural and economic needs of South Sudan.
  • To provide for the administration and communications needed to enable and support this partnership.

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