A couple of weeks back we completed the In the Spirit’s Power Dunamis Project event at the Community of the Cross in Black Mountain, April 14-18 2010.

What was quite remarkable about this Dunamis Project was the type of people who took part. Normally we do not have people attending Dunamis with dreadlocks, arms covered with tattoos – all of Christian symbols; they were definitely from the “sub-culture” but also without doubt centered in Jesus Christ, their Savior and Lord.

They were hungry for the power of the Holy Spirit so they could be Jesus’ witnesses to those in bondage. They were from some house churches started by The Rev. Jeff Manning in Asheville NC, and reaching out to those who would never step foot in a traditional church.

In addition there were folks, over 30 of them, from a variety of churches and contexts. We had pastors and others from Presbyterian and Reformed congregations all growing in the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

Well it was great fun teaching!

Our model was first to teach on the theological basis of spiritual gifts. Then we spent a good deal of time teaching on the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit. Finally we turned to look at particular gifts and how they can operate in the church today. Each day we moved into “lab time” in which we would pray for the Holy Spirit to come and bring us into actually receiving what had just been taught on. And He did!

For instance, Whit Trumbull taught on the gift of tongues. She asked her son to share his experience of receiving the gift of tongues at Upward Challenge. Then we prayed for each other for that gift. The Holy Spirit certainly seems delighted and eager to give us the spiritual gifts we need to work with Him in witnessing to Jesus and building the Kingdom of God.

There was lots of prayer ministry, love and fellowship and just a lot of fun!!!

It was wonderful for those of us over 50 to have so many participants under 30! Our time together was concluded one night with a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit with many manifestations of holy laughter, gifts released and people being rested in the spirit. All was wrapped in the glorious and awesome presence of Jesus who just wanted to catch everyone up in His arms and love us!

This Dunamis track is directed by Frank Drake. Cindy and I (Brad Long) did the primary teaching for this Dunamis Project. Mary Robinson taught Gateways and Whit Trumbull joined us in teaching the session on “tongues and interpretation”.

The next Dunamis Event at the Community of the Cross will be on the Power of Prayer; the dates are Oct. 6-10, 2010. You are welcome to come and bring a friend who is eager to grow in the Holy Spirit. This work of prayer is a really good entry point and as always we will offer a review of the foundational Gateways to Empowered Ministry material during the afternoons.

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