The Holy Spirit’s “big plan” to reveal Jesus Christ to the Muslim World.

Two Video Reports by Brad Long with Frank Drake.

Video Report # 1- Frank Drake reporting on the amazing move of God among church leaders.

Video Report # 2 Frank Drake reporting on what God did when they went out to witness.

The following article was written by Brad Long on September 11 as he was flying back from Indonesia.

On this anniversary of 9/11 I am on airplanes coming back from Indonesia. I have already sent you one report of how the Holy Spirit was speaking to me on that long flight calling for a “crusade” of prayer for demonic strongholds of deception to be broken down so that the whole Muslim world may come to know the love, forgiveness and salvation of Jesus Christ. This is the next installment on reports from Indonesia.

The Holy Spirit is the director of missions and He knows exactly how to reach the Muslim world. The Holy Spirit already has a plan; a big plan to bring the world to Jesus Christ! Our job is to find out what His plan is by listening, getting guidance and then acting in obedience.

For the last two weeks I have seen firsthand what one part of the Holy Spirit’s plan is. It is fulfilling Acts 1:8 among Christians so that they may be empowered to reach Muslims and to and share in Jesus’ work of defeating the demonic stronghold that has been formed through Radical Islam. This has been taking place among the leaders of the GMIM, which is the Reformed Church in this part of Indonesia. Here denominations are regional. And this one consists of about 800,000 people. The leadership of this denomination has embraced the PRMI Dunamis Project in an amazing way. Over the last two years Frank Drake has led team after team to take hundreds of top church leaders and local congregational pastors through the six Dunamis Equipping events. I came to join Frank and Bill Burgess from UK, in offering the basic teaching of Gateways to the faculty of the Theological College. Here, as I already reported a couple weeks back, we experienced a Pentecost as the Holy Spirit fell upon the faculty. In the following video Frank Drake gives some further reflections on that Kingdom strategic event.

Video Report # 3 Frank Drake reporting on the significance of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit among the faculty of the Theological Seminary.

This amazing week was followed another week of teaching the final Dunamis equipping unit on Listening Evangelism. This was for the leaders of the Presbyteries. There were about fifty people who are like the bishops or the superintendents of the Presbyteries, which are regional gatherings of congregations. These leaders, both men and women, are also pastors of congregations – some numbering in thousands of members. This was the original group of top church leaders who started the Dunamis project three years ago which was led by Frank Drake.

It was wonderful being with them. Frank did much of the teaching and most of the translating. Frank was anointed to teach on the model of Philip cooperating with the Holy Spirit. I did the teaching on the theological basis for listening evangelism. Bill Burgess, from the UK, taught on how to reach out to Muslims.

As always at Dunamis, this was not just lectures, we spent a lot of time in practice! One morning we gave them the assignment to pray two by two for guidance as to where the Holy Spirit wanted them to go. In normal fear and trembling they went out trusting Jesus. A few hours later, they came back rejoicing. The stories were amazing as well as instructive for all who are growing in cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

One team, two pastors, a man and woman, were in prayer seeking guidance. They were getting nothing when suddenly the phone rang and it was a desperate call for help. In a Christian middle school about an hour away, two students were manifesting demons. Could the pastors come immediately and cast them out? They took this as guidance! So they went and there and what resulted was a demonstration of the power of Jesus to the middle school as He set these two children free from demons. There was great celebration! Not only that Jesus had shown His glory but that He had done this through these two Reformed pastors.

There were major signs and wonders that took place that were reported back to the whole group. One of the other amazing things that happened was the reconciliation of a church split. This was a remarkable witness to Jesus who is working through the PRMI Dunamis project here. The disgruntled group who for five years had a major grievance with the denomination came to the denominational headquarters where the Dunamis teaching was taking place. They had come to submit a letter requesting to be dismissed to another denomination. But after being ministered to by the Dunamis Ministry team, including several denominational leaders, they were so blessed that they tore up their letter and decided not to leave. There was great rejoicing about this with the Synod and Presbytery leaders and it was received as confirmation that God was truly working through Dunamis.

We concluded this wonderful event with a graduation ceremony and with 45 Pastors joining as members of the Dunamis Fellowship International. This was wonderful and remarkable. The Rev. Cindy Strickler, Director of the DFI, joined us over the Internet from about 8,000 miles away to offer a prayer of blessing and benediction. Frank Drake, Bill Burgess and Hilary Clark (who had just flown in from England) anointed each person with oil as they came forward with their commitment to join the Dunamis Fellowship. The Holy Spirit fell upon them in power. It was another Pentecost as they were being sent out to take the fire, as well as the teaching on the Holy Spirit, out to their Presbyteries and to the local congregations.

My role at this time was to step out of up front leadership and move to interceding for the whole group. The work is now left with Frank Drake and the Indonesian leaders whom God has raised up for this work.

One glimpse into the future!

As I was leaving I was met at the airport by a pastor who had been through the whole Dunamis series. She has just been called to be the head of the National Council of Churches of Indonesia. Her vision is to offer a national Dunamis track where all the other Reformed denominations – about 25 million people – can be introduced to this equipping in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This was just my two week part in this five week mission to Indonesia. New teams are flying in to provide the support for the other Dunamis tracks that are continuing and will involve hundreds of pastors. Most exciting is the new track that has been started for members of other denominations that is being taught entirely by Indonesians who are members of the Dunamis Fellowship International. The transfer is taking place!!!

God is truly working! He is raising up these Christians in Indonesia not just to grow in-depth of fellowship, but to be on the frontline of fulfilling the Holy Spirit’s plan to bring Muslims to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Frankly my heart aches for the mainline reformed denominations in UK, USA and Canada to have this sort of openness to the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

We give thanks to Jesus that He decided to call us as PRMI and the Dunamis Fellowship into the frontlines of His plans to take the Gospel to the whole world. Thank you for all your prayers and financial support that makes our participation in this possible.

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