The Dunamis workshop is under way at the Edelweiss Hotel in Tanyang (or Danyang, I’ve seen it transliterated both ways). This is a resort area with lakes and mountains. In many ways it reminds me of the Ozarks.

We have just over 100 people attending. The majority of the participants and leaders are pastors. Some are from small congregations. Many are pastors of large congregations with thousands of members.

The Dunamis material in the Healing workshop is wonderful material. It is exciting to teach it because it is exciting to see faces light up as the participants “get” what God is saying.

This is not a discovery and it is no longer disruptive for me. Long ago I experienced the disruptive wonder of being an instrument in God’s hands. To be a part of God igniting passion and fueling vision and informing minds is intoxicating. This is not something I have to do it is something I get to do.

Dinner on Monday on the other hand, now that was a bit disruptive. I consider myself to be very open to new foods. I enjoy most of the normal Korean fare. I normally consider myself a seafood fan as well. In front of me was a boiling pan of seafood soup. I was OK with the shrimp (in the shell) and the other unidentifiable bits of seafood and vegetable. But, when the pastor across the table from me picked up the raw octopus, some 14” of octopus from top of the head to the tip of the tentacle, and dropped it in the soup to cook . . .

After the octopus had cooked for a few minutes someone from the hotel came over and picked it up and, with a large set of kitchen shears, began to snip it into pieces. I did take and eat several pieces, suction cups and all. Not too bad. Not much flavor but with a texture like rubber.

I also realized that being in a crowd of people who speak little or no English is somewhat intimidating. These are brothers and sisters in Christ and wonderful people. So, why do I feel so uncertain? Where is my normal ease in striking up a conversation with strangers? Why am I suddenly thinking more about my comfort than I am about blessing them?

These disruptions in my normal life experience are showing me how much I normally depend on my strengths and abilities to make myself comfortable. They are showing me how dependent I am on comfort to look beyond my own situation to focus on the needs of others. I didn’t realize how situationally dependent is my ability to focus on ministering the Father’s love to others.

So, Father, I know that you love me. What do I need to do to live in your love more fully and to share your love more freely? What do I need to learn, change and do in order to grow as an ambassador of your love? Help me to grow from this experience. Amen.

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