We have just completed our Summer Board meeting. This was an amazing meeting! The PRMI Board is composed of men and women, ordained and lay people, from England, Canada and the USA who provide spiritual oversight for this ministry.

The main focus of the meeting was setting in motion a discernment process to seek “prophetic invitations” from the Holy Spirit to cooperate with Him to advance the Kingdom of God into the future.

This is a call up the mountain to pray and seek God’s face for the future. This process will include all of those who have been called into spiritual leadership in the PRMI ministry.

Our last ten-year development plan was devised basically by ministry staff, then was presented to the PRMI Board for approval. That was in 1998-1999. But now we have grown!

In addition to the Board and ministry staff, we have the 450 members of the Dunamis Fellowship International, the regional expressions of the DFI, as well as our whole new management process with four Vision Implementation Teams. We believe that all who are filled with the Holy Spirit may receive guidance and have a part in advancing the Kingdom of God.

That is what it means when at Pentecost Peter quotes the prophet Joel to say,

“…Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams…” NIV Acts 2:17-18

To really do this listening prayer well we need to have a firm foundation in where we have come from. God has given us clear vision foundations for this ministry that serve as the DNA for future guidance that the Holy Spirit may give us. We spent most of the Board meeting affirming these vision foundations.

The Board meeting had the feel of that transition time when the people of Israel were on the on the edge of the Promised Land.

But before rushing across the river Jordan they paused and looked back at what God had done and the covenant He had established. Then they looked forward seeking guidance for the future.

That is what we are called to do now as we pause to establish our foundations and then look to the next decade of following Jesus Christ. We ask all those who have been blessed by PRMI to pray that we may hear from God about how He is calling us into the future.

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