We are so excited to announce a $5000 gift has just been received for the new Prayer Porch at the Community of the Cross!

Thank you for all your prayer support and for giving financially.

Every gift we receive represents a sacrifice, especially in these times. We are so blessed to receive many gifts for the general fund! This pays the bills! So thank you!

Also a couple, who chose to not be named at this point, were very impressed with the prayer pattern at the Community for the Cross and the way that it can take place not just at the Community of the Cross but anywhere.

They felt that the Prayer Porch and the Little Prayer Chapel needed to be built immediately and be completed this summer so that this work of prayer could be encouraged.

This person said,

“Look what happened with that attempted terrorist attack in Times Square! The government is not protecting us but it is apparent that the work of intercession is making a difference and must be deepened and extended. It is urgent that the prayer porch be completed this summer to fit with what God is doing!”

So they sent $5000 to help get us started. We will need about 11,000 more!

Especially as we have made some changes in the design to make this place even more usable by, for instance, making the prayer chapel larger and adding electricity. So we need financial help for this. Also we need some work groups to come in and help us build this.

Send me an email if you are interested.

Just today, we started working on the foundation. We have to be very careful how this is done as we do not want to hurt the tree’s roots or disrupt this beautiful, natural place.

This Saturday a work team from Clinchfield Presbyterian Church (they are in Marion, NC – it is the small congregation served by my wife, Laura) will come in to put in the rest of the foundation for the deck. We are so excited about what God is doing already!!!

Walking the Land at the Community of the Cross

Recently we have had something very interesting happening at the Community of the Cross – several people have remarked that when they entered this place they have felt the Holy Spirit compelling them to pray!!! There is something truly happening here in the realm of the Spirit.

It is amazing!! And giving glory to Jesus and calling people to join in doing His work.

Come and join us on the WALK of Prayer at the Community of the Cross. Here is a short video of us walking the trails.

Download a copy of the Prayer Walk HERE

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