Although we have picked specific places at the Community of the Cross for each step of this WALK, this pattern of prayer may be used anywhere and we hope you will join us in this walk wherever the Holy Spirit has led you.

Download the PDF file of the Prayer WALK to use right where you are.

When you can, join us at the Community of the Cross for the WALK.   Those who cannot come physically are invited to join us spiritually and pray with us!

One whole morning was spent going to the four prayer places at the Community of the Cross.

We also made a video of this with the focus on reading of the scripture that the Holy Spirit gave us for each place. This is so exciting!

Download a copy of the Prayer Walk HERE

In this walk the Dunamis group gathered and went through the four prayer places for doing Jesus’ work of prayer. These are:

1. The [future] “prayer porch” overlooking the river – a place of re-commitment to Jesus Christ.

2. The Place of the Cross – a place for confession, repentance, and receiving Jesus’ forgiveness.

3. Ascension Point, Prayer Chapel – the place for receiving vision and being commissioned and filled with the Holy Spirit.

4. The Prayer Bench – the place of intercession. At this point it is only a bench, but this will be the place for the Prayer House where intercession will go forth 24 hours a day!

Brad’s Vision during a WALK

Cindy was given this pattern of prayer as a word from the Lord in March this year.

We witnessed to it and submitted it to the Community of the Crosswork group and the PRMI Board of Directors.

It was affirmed as from the Lord and we began to pray on the Land as the Lord had directed.

It was only about a week after she received this pattern for the walk that I (BRAD) was caught up in intercessory prayer during the health care debate.

I was going to go to my regular place of intercessory prayer up on the bench when the Lord said, “No! Your heart is not ready for this work; you need to start with the new prayer pattern and recommit yourself to me.”

I was actually extremely irritated with that guidance because I was so stirred up about what was going on in Washington that I was angry and impatient to start praying. The guidance was persistent so I turned around and headed to the new prayer place overlooking the river – the place of re-commitment to Jesus Christ

Well, that slowed me down! But it was just want I needed. I spent some time just focusing on Jesus and recommitting myself to following Him.

I then went up to the Place of the Cross, where I spent a good long time in confession. I had lots to repent of!

Then I continued on up to the Ascension Point where I received vision of the Kingdom of God reaching to the ends of the earth. I was also filled with the Holy Spirit.

This was wonderful! I was tempted to just to stay there and enjoy the Lord’s presence but I knew all this was preparation for some serious work to do.

As I headed down to the Place of Intercession I realized that I was no longer focused on the health care debate but on Jesus and had an open heart for whatever He wanted to do. I also felt the Holy Spirit praying through me like a clear mountain spring.

Finally I arrived, well over an hour later, at the Place of Intercession. That is where I started to pray for the Congress as they were voting on health care.

But the Lord had something much bigger in mind, something that I never would have been prepared to hear or to receive if I had not spent the time in the other steps.

There I was caught up in sudden apocalyptic visions of economic collapse, a new “Holocaust” against Jews and Christians worldwide, the Christian Church savagely persecuted in once Christian nations, and Islamic Terrorists unleashing weapons of mass destruction, wreaking havoc and death on the cities in the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Russia, India and Israel.

In the midst of these terrible visions came the word, “These are Satan’s plans for the earth, not my plans! I am mobilizing, equipping and deploying an army of intercessors who will be called into the gap, through whom I will destroy these demonic strongholds that Satan is raising up to fulfill these visions of death, so that My Kingdom of life, peace, grace and salvation may advance to the ends of the earth. The next word blew me away, “I am calling you with PRMI to take part in doing this work and also in mobilizing, equipping and deploying intercessors for this work.”

I have submitted all this to the PRMI Board of Directors and they have discerned that this was from the Lord and that we needed to act on it.

For more information on prayer mobilization and to gain some clarity if you are called to be an intercessor or to support intercessors, then please go HERE for more information.

But I am telling you all this because I believe this guidance came as the first fruits of this basic prayer pattern that the Lord has called us to implement at the COC. But you do not need to be at the Community of the Crossto do this!!! You can be anywhere!

This prayer pattern embodies the basics of entering into dynamic conversation with God so it does not depend on a particular place. It is the way that we are prepared to welcome the Holy Spirit to do His work of praying for us and through us as in Romans 8:26-27. The power of intercession is that it is the Holy Spirit who is the intercessor!

This walk of prayer is just a simple way to prepare ourselves to welcome the Holy Spirit to come work through us.

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