In August 2019, the Dunamis Fellowship Northwest US began a new Dunamis Project track at a Korean YWAM center (Youth With a Mission), Pneuma Springs, in Monroe, WA.

This YWAM center has a unique prayer burden for the Korean peninsula.  Students are South Koreans, North Korean refugees, Korean Americans, Korean Canadians, Korean Japanese, American, Canadian, and German.

They all love Korea in this school.

How did the Dunamis Project get there?

Rev. Joseph Kwon and his family are missionaries with the Dunamis Fellowship Korea. 

After the 2019 Dunamis Fellowship Meeting in Black Mountain, Rev. Joseph met with Peter Yang, the director of this YWAM school. 

Because Peter had experienced Dunamis three courses in South Korea, he really wanted to connect YWAM-AIIM and Korean Churches in this area with Dunamis ministry.  

Peter and Heajoung Yang with Sandy Doss
Peter and Heajoung Yang with Sandy Doss

Together, Peter and Joseph met with Rev. Nick Krantz of the Dunamis Fellowship Northwest US to learn more about how the teaching of Dunamis can help this YWAM base advance the Kingdom of God. 

After hearing about the impact Dunamis has, and the solid biblical nature of its core teaching, they conceived a plan to invite Rev. Nick, to come and teach a modified Gateways to Empowerment for their Discipleship Training School held in April of 2019.

Rev. Joseph Kwon wrote: “The staff of this YWAM base and those who attended from this area were touched deeply by the teaching of Dunamis.  Thank you!!”

The impact of just this one sampler event fueled the desire and pave the way for a full track to launch in partnership with the Dunamis Fellowship Northwest US.

A Sampler Turns into Full Dunamis Project

Peter and his team worked hard to advertise this bi-lingual event to Korean church leaders throughout the Western United States.  

One marvelous outcome was twenty five leaders from a Korean church in the Los Angeles area signed up. The leader who brought this group said that this course impacted both her and her husband.

Although they had a good relationship, they had always ministered apart, in different churches.

But during Dunamis, she and her husband had a breakthrough. The Holy Spirit spoke to them separately that He wanted them to minister together. They are now praying for God to reveal this one place for them to serve together.

The conference quickly filled.  Walk-ons meant overflow seating in extra rooms. 

Gateways was very well received, with lively small group discussion and times of deep prayer and personal ministry.

One attendee was a professor from Oregon State visiting from Korea. He had heard about the Holy Spirit but only as a mysterious force. He was very blessed to learn a clearly taught, biblically based, concrete description of the Holy Spirit and how He works. The professor was the first to sign up for Dunamis 2.

Prayer Ministry at the YWAM AIIM DTS with Dunamis

The future

YWAM director Peter Yang has a vision for this track to attract more than just Korean speakers. The Korean leaders from the Los Angeles area desire to launch a separate Dunamis Track in Southern California.

To step into all these dreams, it’ll take discernment to identify and begin training new Dunamis leaders from the Pneuma Springs center.  They will begin to transition into leadership for this new track over the next few Projects. 

Dunamis 2 is scheduled for February 2020.

Tremendous Support from the Dunamis Fellowship International

  • Dunamis Fellowship Korea provided manuals and teaching slides in Korean.
  • Their missionaries, Joseph and Euodia Kwon, came over from Korea to teach and translate.
  • Rev. Cindy Strickler, Director of Dunamis Fellowship International, led this first Dunamis Project as the Team Lead and teacher.
  • Rev. Dr. James Kearny, Developer of Congregational Dunamis, joined in the teaching.
  • Intercession provided by Dunamis Fellowship Northwest US.
  • Worship led by YWAM leaders from Pneuma Springs.


Remember this new venture in your prayers. This YWAM center has a heart and active involvement with North Korea.

Pray for God to use the Dunamis training to better equip these Korean leaders to fulfill this call to serve.

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