Starting in 1966, Jesus Christ gave PRMI the calling and anointing to provide the teaching materials, the organization and the anointed people needed to create venues where Jesus may be fulfilling Acts 1: 5,8 so that Christians may be empowered to fulfill the Great Commission.

The mandate has taken many program expressions such as Spirit Alive. Starting in 1991 until the present, the main way has been through the Dunamis Project.

20 Years of Dramatic Increase in Ministry

20 years of Dunamis Projects

20 years of Dunamis Projects

Since the start of the Dunamis Project, we have seen a dramatic increase in ministry in the number of Dunamis tracks offered in the UK, USA and Canada, and around the world.

Based on the core teaching content of Dunamis we have developed the Dunamis Video Course for use in congregations, and Ignite to introduce teaching on the Holy Spirit and to spark renewal in congregations.

“In this short 5:43 min video done at the Community of the Cross the Holy Spirit was on me at that moment to share the vision and the need at that time. Share the vision with us for the glory of Jesus Christ.” Brad Long

Now, in 2011, the potential to reach people has been vastly increased with the addition of self-study and moderated online courses. As people experience God, they are eager to grow. We have experienced amazing fruit! We praise you, Lord!

Many churches, organizations, and people extend ministry invitations to us, but we have reached our growth limits. In the last ten years, the number of Dunamis tracks in the UK, USA and Canada have leveled off at about 10 tracks per year. We have also ceased to grow the number of churches using the Dunamis Video Course.

Still, we are poised to grow dramatically in Korea, China, Indonesia, South America, and South Sudan!

We have maxed out our teachers and other team members! If we are to grow more Dunamis tracks and respond to the Macedonian calls we must grow more anointed teachers and teams.

Establishing the Dunamis Institute

The Holy Spirit is not at all surprised by this!

Already, He showed us during our 18-month discernment process that the Dunamis Institute is to be the means of recruiting, training, mentoring, and deploying anointed teachers and teams.

For the last year we have stepped out in faith and obedience and have been putting in place all that is needed to build the Dunamis Institute (DI). It has been extremely exciting to watch God at work!

Most important of all has been calling the foundational faculty, all of whom are members of the Dunamis Fellowship. It is critical for our future to put in place the program for recruiting, equipping and then deploying the anointed teachers and teams needed to sustain the present ministries and respond to all the calls that we have. As the Lord leads, we are building to enable a future increase in ministry and for future generations.

If you are called by God to join us in growing the number of Dunamis tracks, growing the Church, and advancing the Gospel to the ends of the earth, the following invitation is for you:

Financial Gifts. We have the Holy Spirit’s guidance, tools, materials, and people to grow. Now we trust God to provide the financial resources needed to complete the building of the web support, administrative support and equipping process required to deliver the teaching worldwide. These are essential tools. We require investments totaling $130,000 (which includes general ministry support.)

If you desire to give a gift, click HERE.

Intercessory Prayer Covering.
As we launch the Dunamis Institute, the spiritual warfare is intense. The Devil is dedicated to stopping this fruit-bearing work. Also, we must have the Holy Spirit’s anointing as we engage in the apostolic building work of creating the Dunamis Institute structure and courses. Please pray for the work, for us and for our families.

Service as a Team Member.
Maybe the Lord is asking you to consider service as a track director, teacher, intercessor, or other volunteer role. As He leads, we want to hear from you.

We are faithful to Jesus in fulfilling our mandate. How is the Lord asking you to be engaged in advancing His Kingdom through PRMI? We require your financial gifts, your prayers, and your participation to enable us to grow.

I look forward to seeing God greatly expand this ministry for His Glory.

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