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You’re almost done! You are one step away from starting to receive PRMI’s Moving With The Spirit newsletter.

Before you get added to the mailing list . . .

Check your email for a confirmation email. We want to make sure you are the one that signed up to receive the Moving With The Spirit newsletter


  • Go to your email account
  • Open the verification email from PRMI
  • Click on the link

Once you click on it, you will be automatically added to our mailing list.

Why do we make you verify your email?

We want our members to enjoy a community that is free of SPAM and other unwanted garbage. Email verification helps to ensure that you will enjoy your experience and that it has been correctly entered.

Not receiving the verification email?

1) Double check your email address. We sent the message to the address you entered. If there is an error in this email address then you will not receive the message. To fix this simply click the back button and enter the correct address.

2) Check your spam inbox. Sometimes spam filters can filter out the wrong emails, so if you are sure that you used the correct email address and you do not see the message then you should check your spam box.

What to expect

With your confirmation, you’ll receive periodic information emails from PRMI when we update the site. We are excited to share with all that God is doing through PRMI and those involved in the Dunamis Fellowship.

Want to keep exploring our site?

We invite you to check out some of the other areas of the site. Simply click on any of the other links and see what God is doing around the world.

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