We just finished our 2011 PRMI Board meeting as well as the annual Dunamis Fellowship International meeting.

Our focus in both of these meetings was launching the 10-year development plan of how we will be following Jesus Christ as His witnesses into the future.

Our Board meeting consisted mostly of prayer with a few reports given in order to enable us to pray more effectively. This was a wonderful time of confirming the vision that God has given and taking the first steps of praying this vision into reality.

All of the Board members stayed for the Dunamis Fellowship meeting and were part of the vision casting process.

At this Dunamis Fellowship meeting we had many representatives from the United States, Canada and Great Britain as well as a team from Korea and one of the Anglican priests from the Dunamis track in Haiti.

Charting a course for the future

There are three major new initiatives being launched that we believe the Holy Spirit is calling us to put in place to enable our better participation in advancing the Kingdom of God.

These are:

  • the Dunamis Institute which will provide equipping via video,
  • the Cyberspace Ministry Unit that will enable us to more effectively work with the Holy Spirit over the Internet,
  • the Support Services Ministry Unit which will provide administrative and logistical support for this worldwide ministry.

We really need your prayers and support as we are launching these various initiatives. In future issues of MWS Online we will be reporting in much greater detail on these new ministries that are simultaneously being birthed.

At this meeting, as always, much of what happened occurred informally as we prayed and shared together.

Throughout these five days there were many connections made in which we were able to discern the guidance to launch new Dunamis Tracks and other ministry expressions. This was an altogether amazing time in which we found ourselves drawn together in this great work of witnessing to Jesus Christ.

It seems that each year we have met, the Lord has given very specific directions as to how we are to focus our intercessory prayers. Last year our focus was on Indonesia.

This year our intercessory prayer project was advancing this work in South Korea where we are preparing to launch a number of Dunamis tracks. It is very exciting to see this fruit of years of prayer as well as teaching. The Koreans are ready to move forward and we now have the leadership teams to begin to be able to teach and lead the Dunamis tracks themselves.

Ben Torrey and Josephine being prayed for

Prayers for Ben Torrey who is the PRMI Representative for Korea and directs our work there with other members of the Korea team. This is very exciting as a number of Dunamis Tracks are being planned for 2011. This is the result of years of preparation.

More pictures of the Dunamis Fellowship meeting:

Steve Thayer, PRMI Board President

Steve Thayer, President of the PRMI Board, calling for prayer for revival of the Church for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit gave us the guidance during this Dunamis Fellowship meeting that we have before us a whole kairos year of opportunity as well as danger. It is clear that on many levels, from the spiritual to the economic and political, we are at a turning point. The basic need is for a great out pouring of God’s Spirit and presence to renew the Church.

Dedication of the Prayer Deck and Porch at Community of the Cross

Dedication of the Prayer Deck and Porch at Community of the Cross

On a very cold day we dedicated the new prayer porch at the Community of the Cross. Pictured are members of the PRMI Board and Dunamis Fellowship International.

This prayer porch is the first station in our Prayer Pattern at the Community of the Cross.

It is a place for recommitment to Jesus Christ. This lovely structure which has been built by many hands is already serving as a place of prayer.

As we began using the Prayer Pattern we could tell that there is a change of atmosphere at the Community of the Cross. People would walk onto the land and just feel “compelled” to pray. I believe this is because of our being obedient to the call given us by Jesus Christ to make prayer the first and most important work of the Community of the Cross.

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