We have already shared with you about the initial steps our team has taken to fulfill the China Vision. The Lord has provided amazing opportunities.

I am not free to share all the details, but want you to know that major progress is being made on preparing the teaching materials. Further, the Holy Spirit is leading us through doors only He could have opened.

Please seek direct guidance from Jesus about how to pray in detail for us. To get you started, we share with you the following requests.

  • Ask the Lord’s anointing upon Brad Long, John Chang, Ji Dong Shan, and others engaged in the massive and time-consuming work of preparing the mobile, self-replicating curriculum for establishing hundreds of Chinese Dunamis Equipping Schools. Unit # 1 on “Gateways to Empowered Ministry” is due for completion in the next few weeks.
  • Pray that the Lord will raise up a whole host of Chinese teachers to embody this Dunamis teaching on the Holy Spirit. The Lord is presently cultivating a number of people who are Chinese speakers with the potential to become DI Faculty members. Pray that they will be anointed as they step into teaching, intercessory prayer and leadership.
  • We have almost spent the original gifts of about 125,000 US dollars given to launch this China project. Jesus knows just how much is needed. Let us simply trust Him in prayer for all that he requires. We thank the Lord for this strategic opportunity to advance the Gospel. If the Lord is speaking to you about helping to provide for this, please call John Chang or me to discuss it. We really need your help.
  • Only as we stay in step with the Holy Spirit’s guidance can we expect His protection, provision and anointing. So please pray that our ears will be opened and our hearts set on radical obedience.

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