As we continue a short series on creative ways people have been receiving and using their Dunamis teaching, Annette Gearns and Tamera Brockman share their firsthand experiences of how PRMI’s ministry is empowering and equipping those who encounter it to minister to their neighbors in Washington State.

An Evening of Blessing

by Annette Gearns

We have been experiencing a new concept/move of God which is really taking Dunamis teaching into action in a new way, with touches of the Walk, a bit of Ignite, prophetic prayer, and more all wrapped up in an evening of blessing. At least that was the case for the first evening of blessing that took place at a local church in our region.

A Struggling Church

I have been meeting with a local pastor friend for several years with the intent of sharing what the Lord is doing in our lives, to share news about a small group Dunamis study in my home, and just to encourage and learn from one another. Currently, he is an interim pastor in a very difficult situation. The health of this church I would say is non-existent; they are basically dead and in a terrible debt situation.

An Opportunity to Bless

As we were talking about this last month, I felt nudged by the Holy Spirit to ask if I could bring some friends and come just for the purpose of blessing this congregation. No teaching, nothing formal, nothing required of them but to come and be blessed. Well this pastor friend asked his session and they said “Yes, please come”. I have to admit I was a bit surprised that they said yes.

Applying Dunamis Teaching

I was able to bring the small group of young women who have been meeting at my home for the past 10 months doing the on-line self-study Dunamis course; we are on the second unit, entitled “In the Spirit’s Power”. We were actually at the point of learning about the dance of cooperation with the Holy Spirit and discernment. I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to put this teaching into action and at the same time bring blessing to a very hopeless church.

Hope, Healing, and Blessing

On October 20th we had our first “Evening of Blessing”. We had 30 people show up for this event, which is amazing, and the Lord moved powerfully. It was truly a miraculous evening that brought hope, healing, and blessing to these precious people. The response afterward was wonderful and we have been invited back for another evening.

Praising God for Continuing Opportunies to Minister

Praise God! I see so many broken and hurting congregations and I believe the Lord is calling us to seek Him and allow Him to show us which ones are hungry, which ones are thirsty and just need to be blessed! I believe this is a call for the coming year and I am waiting in great expectation for the Lord to show us where we may be a blessing next.


The Father’s Heart Conference in the Northwest

by Annette Gearns and Tamera Brockman

The first “Encountering the Heart of the Father” conference took place in 2013 at the Community of the Cross in Black Mountain, North Carolina under the leadership of Allen and Debbie Kemp.

Allen and Debbie Kemp

Allen and Debbie Kemp

This event was the first of its kind for PRMI and focused on helping hurting people receive healing by encountering and connecting with God as a loving father who longs for intimacy and communication with His children. This event was recently brought to the Northwest by the Kemps. Participants Annette Gearns and Tamera Brockman share:

Experiencing Breakthrough Healing

Annette: I wanted to share what a marvelous experience I had of finally being able to run into the arms of my heavenly Father and for the first time ever feel SAFE! Allen & Debbie Kemp brought such a wonderful progressive teaching and prayerful guidance to revealing, healing, and receiving the Father’s love in a way I have not experienced before.

Illustrations of God’s Love

Tamera: Allen and Debbie Kemp used visual aids to help us open up scriptural truths about intimacy with Father God. This was most helpful to me- like having an illustration of the truth in the Bible. When they modeled how Father God was intimately close to us (Adam) at creation, cradling our head and leaning down to gently breathe life into us, I was emotionally experiencing part of the truth of Papa God’s love for me.”

Time and Space for Healing

Annette: As a team member here in the Northwest I have been privileged to work with an amazing group of gifted people. We have walked, prayed, and taught together for years, yet this conference brought even more. My personal thought is that this conference dealt with the emotional healing that we really do not have enough time for during the Healing Dunamis. We had the time to progressively walk through areas of our lives in much more depth. The process of healing was so personal and powerful that I was left utterly exhausted but totally free from memories and emotions that truly have kept me from the fullness of my heavenly Father.

Open Hearts

Tamera: We learned…that as children we have disappointments with our parents, even with good parents, that cause us to lock up parts of our hearts where love cannot get in any more. So we spent time talking to God in private and forgiving them.

Tamera Brockman

Tamera Brockman

Receiving God’s Love

This is so that we could open our hearts up again and receive [God’s] love more fully. I was so surprised and freed to learn that what I had rejected or been disappointed by was the best expression of love that my father was able to give me! My emotions not only learned that my earthly father really loved me, they also experienced it!…This is a life changer!…This is something that I hope many others can experience- finding lost love that was meant for you and sent to you, but as kids we missed it or misunderstood it.

Calling God “Daddy”

Annette: I can now truly call him “Abba”, my daddy. I have never been able to say that with comfort. I always have had a Father, but never a Daddy. I guess that would be the SAFE part for me. Daddy is my protector and I believe that He will never fail me and will always be there, never going away. I know my Daddy!

Hugs from God

Tamera: Getting a hug from Father God was another lab time…After the Father’s hug I sat down and physically memorized the hug in my spirit and soul…I think the Holy Spirit was telling all of my body that God was a better protector than I was…Papa God showed me that He is safe to embrace and that He has always been my protector, but that I needed to relinquish my position of self-appointed guardian and come into His arms to experience all that He has to offer.

Blessed and Grateful

Annette: What a blessing this conference was to me and many others. Thank you Allen & Debbie!

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