The Team is Gathering for the Mission Trip to Indonesia…

In all this will be a five week teaching mission headed by Frank Drake with team members coming in during the five weeks from the United States and United Kingdom.

I was traveling Sunday – Monday and on Tuesday was in Singapore for a day resting. On Wednesday we began teaching Gateways to Empowered Ministry at the Reformed Seminary in Tomohon. The professors there asked for their own equipping course on the Holy Spirit.

Then the whole next week we will be doing the Listening Evangelism Dunamis. Bill Burgess, a pastor from the UK with a real heart for Muslims, will be joining us for that event. This is an amazing opportunity to strengthen these Christians in this Muslim-majority nation. We together are learning about how to witness to the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ as the only way to God the Father. I believe we are called to share this wherever Christians have the opportunity to witness to Muslims.

I would deeply appreciate your prayers for us and for our families as we are here. [Other team members include Hilary Clark, Allison VanderLinden and Ernest Hoffmeister.]

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