Fr. Gregory Gresko

Unum Corde Domini Ministries, which means One in the Heart of the Lord, embraces efforts to unite the Body of Christ through cooperation with the Holy Spirit, as the Dunamis Project teaches.

Part of my work is in the realm of mentoring couples who are discerning marriage, are recently married, are dealing with problems in their relationship or family dynamics, or desire a more spiritually fruitful relationship within their marriage/family as God intends. I have just completed a 13-part series on love, relationships, marriage, and family called Restoring the Image of God, in English with Korean translation, that I am now preparing for publication in English and subsequent translation for publication in Korean—for ministers, leaders, scholars, missionaries, and others in the ministry training realm. Following these two editions, we will be preparing study editions that have reflection and discussion questions for congregations and readers who may not have higher levels of training but who desire to engage with the material.

Pray for this Work

A big area of prayer need is that we—individually and as a team—follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in carrying out the project’s next steps in the manner God wills. I also am engaged in a lot of young adult mentoring globally, and specifically in Taebaek, Daejeon, and Cheonan here in Korea, so I would appreciate prayer for all of the people with whom I am in regular contact. They are at various levels of faith, inquiry, and searching, yet the relationships are strong and hold great promise. I pray for God to be glorified in it all.
This prayer is needed especially for my university work as well, at Woosong University, where I am serving full-time now as a professor in Daejeon. I had 135 students from 15 countries last term, and the next term promises to be every bit as involved as our student body continues to grow. I taught English, Life Visioning, and Psychology, and in all of these classes, there were great opportunities to show aspects of the Gospel to them and convey Christ’s love to them. I ask for prayers for God to work in the students’ lives as well as in the professors. God is good!

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