PRMI’s work in Nicaragua continues to advance the teaching of the Dunamis Project through various networks.

At a recent Ignite in the city of Granada, August of 2019, people reported encountering the healing work of Jesus.

Beverly Rutledge sharing on Healing Ministry of Jesus, Ignite Granada

One mother testified that her baby woke up with vomiting and fever. She brought the baby to the seminar and the fever broke during the first prayer practice time.

One pastor testified that during prayers to forgive their fathers for choosing alcohol instead of providing for their family, he wept and forgave his dad for losing their house because of alcoholism when he was a boy (which is the reason he grew up on the streets with little to eat). His wife was healed of a headache and stomach issues. We had 2 youth accept Jesus as their Savior on the final Sunday.

Dunamis Project in Matagalpa

The team finished the Dunamis track with the listening evangelism Dunamis Project, in April, 2019. Chris Walker was the primary teacher with Earl Rutledge helping.

Several of the people from Dunamis 6 – Matagalpa

We met with 30 participants, all with relationships previously established. Koinonia was strong. Lab time was exciting and effective

During the worship time before the first teaching, we experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit to take away our stresses and worries.

It was incredible.  In that Kairos moment as people interacted with the song, “Precious Jesus,” many expressed why Jesus was indeed precious to them, and then reflected on “What work do you want to do in me now?”

Freddy shares his personal testimony

Carlos shared a testimony from the evangelism time. They connected with an elderly man they encountered on the street and his prayer request was “life”. The group shared and prayed for the Holy Spirit to touch him (possibly homeless), and He did. The man expressed his gratefulness for the prayers and the physical touch of holding hands with him during the prayer.

Marlene shared how in Dunamis she has found friends that encourage her and teaching that is helping her grow in Christ and awareness of the Holy Spirit’s activity.

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirt

Growing the Church has been taught with the pastors and elders of the Verbo Church, a denomination of 20+ churches. They are very open to the Dunamis teaching and a couple subsequent opportunities have presented themselves. Pray for wisdom and discernment on how to proceed.

Some of the Leaders from Verbo Church, Nicaragua

Verbo is a denomination started in Guatemala, birthed out of the 70s Charismatic renewal and social relief work in response to the 1976 earthquake there. 

A team from Verbo, Guatemala came to Nicaragua in 1979 after the Revolution to focus on social work, reconstruction and a church plant. Now they have several churches throughout the country.

Earl Bowie is the present national director. When looking at the PRMI materials his comment was, “We need to relearn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and be empowered by Him to advance the Kingdom of God.”

His prayer request is, “Holy Spirit, reignite the fire that was there in previous years.” That is our prayer too.

We had 70 participants, 20 were pastors and 18 were pastors/leaders of the Miskito people group from the Rio Coco. Some of the Miskito pastors traveled 3 days to get there. One of the photos is of a special prayer time for physical and spiritual protection for these pastors and leaders.

Material was taught, the schedule was changed, Kairos moments were experienced (2 precious times), and Jesus was glorified. In the morning there was a time of healing the wounded hearts that flowed out of the worship time.

Many of those that attended thanked us for the renewal of the Holy Spirit that took place in their lives and expressed hope for reigniting the flame of the Holy Spirit in their churches.

Our small team that functions as Dunamis Nicaragua was able to bless the attending pastors with their own copy of the Spanish book, “Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit“. (Available in Spanish from Amazon link)

Verbo helped with 12 flash drives for sharing the mobile Dunamis with pastors, especially those in the rural areas of the Rio Coco. Others excitedly provided their own drives so they could take Gateways and In the Power of the Spirit home and study it.

Ignites in the city of Granada

Prayer Ministry at Ignite 2 in Granada

Ignite has progressed in Granada.

Ignite 1 was held late 2018, and in June and July (2019) Ignite 2 and 3 have been taught.

In August the team did a greatly condensed healing seminar, similar to an Ignite, based on the Dunamis Project 4: The Healing Ministry of Jesus.

Participation has been varied. Again, pray for discernment and Spirit led decisions.

Darnell and Felix pastor a church in San Isidro, Nicaragua and are part of the local teaching team.

These ignites focused mostly leaders of REAP Ministry, the organization that has invited us, housed us and hosted us each time. Their ministry is focused on reaching non-churched people, especially youth, through sports.

Since many of the leadership of REAP are also new believers, Dunamis has helped lay a solid foundation of the scriptures and the working of the Holy Spirit for their ministry.

Our Power of Prayer seminar (Ignite 3) followed a week after the REAP leadership started practicing prayer walks and times of fasting, so it built on to new practices they were establishing.

Distribution of the Spanish Mobile Dunamis

At all activities there is the opportunity to get a copy of the Spanish Mobile Dunamis material.

Approximately 30+ copies have been given this year in these teaching events, reaching major cities and also remote areas on the Rio Coco between Nicaragua and Honduras.

A Heartfelt Thank You!

The local Nicaragua team is extremely grateful for the investment that PRMI is making in the country of Nicaragua. 

The generosity of PRMI donors who provide the Mobile Dunamis Drives (donate for a few here) and pray for our team as they minister, enable us to ignite the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit, through sharing Dunamis material with the people the Lord grants us to reach.

Join our Latin America Prayer Team

We maintain a list of off-site intercessors who agree to cover our teams in prayer during our events and in times of special needs for our Mission Outreach work in Latin America.   

You are invited to join that prayer list, and you’ll have the freedom to unsubscribe at any time.

2020: New Projects and New Cities, Join with Us

Plans we originally had for 2020 have changed. Pray for us as we continue the discernment process so we can know with certainty, exactly where the Holy Spirit is leading us.

We know for sure that the horizon is wide open. Cities, churches, new tracks, Ignites, video recording for the next portions of the Spanish Mobile Dunamis and many more opportunities to extend the Kingdom of God in Nicaragua and Latin America are waiting for us.

The meeting place – Ignite, Granada

After Dunamis Project 6 Listening Evangelism, Marlene said, “I have found my family.”

In reference to the Growing the Church Seminar pastors Félix and Darnell said, “we make church decisions so differently now. We have learned how to hear the Holy Spirit and cooperate with Him.”

Orlando has shared how Dunamis Project 3 The Power of Prayer has tremendously helped his personal prayer time and intimacy with Father God.

Earl Rutledge teaching Ignite based on Dunamis Project 4 in Granada

There are many more people and churches waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and how they can cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Join with us through prayer, trips, and donations. We are certain there are many more people to be touched and testimonies to be told.

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