The Dunamis Project 4 conference, “The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ”, held in Grand Rapids, Michigan from January 19 to 21, 2017 was truly a unique event. It was international as well as intergenerational.

The Calvin College interim class, “Spiritual Strength Training,” joined the community in this event. We had participants from the US, Canada, Ghana, China, Korea, and Mexico.

Healing Damaged Emotions and Unhealed Memories

A portion of the conference is spent teaching on how Jesus Christ heals damaged emotions and unhealed memories. The following is the story of how Jesus restored a young woman:

“And how are you doing?“, one of the intercessors asked. I told the prayer team my situation.

Linda (the point person) told me to picture myself at the piano all alone, so I pictured myself sitting at the piano in my church by myself, which is my happy place because I don’t like singing when other people can hear me.

I worry too much about what they think of me. 

After I told her how much I love playing when I’m all alone, she said, “Is there anyone with you?” The second she said those words, I saw Jesus sitting in the middle of the pews with one of his arms over the back and his legs crossed and he was smiling, listening to me play. 

I completely broke down because this confirmation is what I’ve been waiting for all my life.

I had the knowledge, beliefs, and faith, but my heart had never been connected to them. Having that image come so clearly into my mind, I knew without a doubt that God was speaking to me, something that I’ve never heard so clearly.

After prodding, I sang and played Audience of One. Linda asked what Jesus was doing and I realized that He was singing with me.

After a little while, I saw Jesus walk down the aisle, stand behind me, and put his hands on my shoulders. Then He sat on the bench with me and the two of us sang together. 

She asked if Jesus was saying anything and I clearly heard, “I love you. You don’t need to impress anyone. I love your worship just the way it is,” which is exactly what I’ve been struggling with during this class, this conference, and throughout my life. 

I’ve always been worried about what people are thinking of me—if I chose the right songs, what I was wearing, if I looked weird while I was singing, if I made enough eye contact, if my eyes were closed too much, if I made mistakes, if my voice cracked or was flat. 

But to hear from the mouth of Jesus that I didn’t need to impress anyone was extremely healing for me.

He loves my worship just the way it is and I don’t need to worry about what anyone else thinks about it because He’s the one I’m worshiping, He’s the reason I sing.  

Kendra Walters, January 2017

Healed for a Purpose

Jesus Christ heals us so that we may go forward as His disciples to be living agents of the Kingdom of God witnessing to the light, life, and love of Jesus Christ.

The following is a vision given to a young man from Korea at the conference, showing believers ministering the light of Christ to a dark and hurting world.

I was in Japan, because I saw Mt. Fuji in the background, and I was on a street wearing all white.

As I walked the dark street, I saw demons run away, shudder, and scream, “Get away.” They were running away as I walked the street and behind me was a great light. As I walked, the dark street also became light. 

Then I was in Afghanistan walking and similar things happened. Next I was in North Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There, I was carrying a child and speaking to him.

Then I was in a slum in India. I walked a dark path filled with brothels and prostitution houses. 

I was constantly praying and I saw a woman running out of one of the houses crying and later receiving Christ’s redemption. Moreover, this time I was not alone; behind me was a multitude of God’s faithful followers all dressed in white. 

As we walked the dark streets filled with sexual immorality, the streets became full of light. The entire world was filled with God’s glory and light as we saw Jesus Christ establishing his kingdom here on earth!  

Jin Soo Park, January 2017

The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ

The Healing Conference at Calvin College adapts the teaching material from Dunamis Project 4, “The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ”, for the seminary course setting.

Watch as Rev. Brad Long (executive director of PRMI) gives a description of this teaching:

As you can see from the testimonies included above, the Holy Spirit moves in power and grace when these students encounter this teaching on the ongoing healing ministry of Jesus.

Experience the Healing Ministry of Jesus

Christ our healer longs to minister to your unhealed emotions and hidden wounds, too. To learn more or to find and register for a Dunamis Project near you, please check the upcoming calendar of events.


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