Through an interesting combination of miracles and Kingdom connections that have been made through PRMI’s mission outreach, God is providing top of the line masks to three of PRMI’s mission partners.

My two daughters and son-in-law own

This is their start up travel-wear company, an eco-sensitive, ethically sourced fashionable clothing company for young women.

Though propelled by a Kickstarter in 2019, generating new sales had been a challenge for this internet store.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact the United States, sales became even more difficult for this specialty niche clothing company.

My son-in-law said to his business partner (my youngest daughter), “We have to make masks.”

They researched, sourced a supplier and a manufacturer, and started making masks to sell.

A mask laid out on a table with contents of the mask on display.

Three reporters from the Wall Street Journal (a highly respected national paper in the United States), contacted my daughter.

They had found Wayre’s online. They asked for samples to “test” their products and compare them with others. These reporters were planning a feature article to run sometime in August 2020.

My daughter hoped for her masks get reviewed, but did not expected what happened next.

A Early Morning Surprise

On a Friday morning in late August, online sales of masks started going through the roof.

A few moments later that morning, one of the three initial reporters called back to say, “this morning in the Wall Street Journal, we announced that we rated Wayre’s masks #1 “overall” and #1 “best fit” of the 50 we evaluated!!”

This ranking was above companies like Under Armour, Gap, and Everlast.

Then the Saturday Edition of the Wall Street Journal came out with a front-page banner headline on masks and three full color pages inside.

The reporters shared in depth about each of the masks they evaluated and their logic behind the ranking system.

Needless to say, sales skyrocketed beyond imagination.

A woman giving a side view of her hand made mask.

And what does any of this have to do with PRMI?

Masks Fueled By A Mission

This company is committed to donating masks to charities based on sales.

As our family was filling mask orders at the beach on vacation in North Carolina in August, I asked my daughter about possibly shipping donated masks to our Dunamis mission partners in:

  • Uganda
  • Haiti
  • Kyrgyzstan

In each of these places, PRMI has mission partners we know well, whom we have taught the Dunamis Project, and whom have worked closely with us for years.  

These are places where my wife and I have personally worked with these Mission Outreach partners. They are led by leaders I trust implicitly to use these high quality, reusable masks responsibly.

For example, Father Sadoni Leon is our Dunamis Faculty leader in Haiti and teaches the Dunamis Project several times a year there.

He also pastors a new church plant in the Episcopal Church of Haiti, works for Food for the Poor, and has connections to hospitals, clinics, and schools where masks are desperately needed.

He has requested 1,000 masks for the Haitian people.

Our Dunamis trained leaders in Kyrgyzstan are asking and praying for 500 masks to use for their work with college students.

Our Dunamis partner in Uganda, Peterson Sozi (with whom my daughters have ministered with in Uganda) have requested for as many masks as we can send.

A woman posing wearing a hand made mask.

See how God has blessed a business and now is blessing some of our PRMI mission partners around the world.

  • Miracle 1: The Wall Street Journal found Shopwayre’s masks and decided to evaluate them.
  • Miracle 2: They ranked as #1 and got font page exposure on the Wall Street Journal.
  • Miracle 3: Sales skyrocketed for the company.
  • Miracle 4: Masks will get to PRMI mission partners.

We give thanks to God that PRMI Mission Partners are getting blessed through unconventional means.

Continue to ask God to let this wave of blessing multiply for the PRMI mission partners and allow their influence for the Kingdom of God to spread where they are.

Two boys riding down a dirt road on a motorcycle. A bus in the distance.

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