Setup a Prayer Appointment at the Community of the Cross

People come from around the world to enjoy the quiet retreat space and to receive prayer from volunteer teams who have learned to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Prayer appointments with PRMI trained teams are available on an as needed basis at the Community of the Cross.

Are you burned out?  Feeling like you can't get guidance?   Let's pray with you.

No matter what your reason, consider setting up a prayer appointment at the Community of the Cross.

What is a prayer appointment?

A prayer appointment is a 1 ½ to 2-hour prayer session with a team of 3 to 4 trained prayer ministers.

At the beginning of the appointment is space to share one’s prayer request and then the team is guided by the Holy Spirit on how to pray.

A prayer appointment is not a counseling session; it is a time of coming before the Lord and asking Him to speak His truth and healing.

The prayer team is sensitive to both the person receiving prayer and to the leading of the Holy Spirit. There is no agenda or anything forced; the prayer team’s aim is to listen and to follow what the Lord is doing.

We believe Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd, knows the depths of one’s heart and circumstances. He gently leads and heals, and the role of the prayer team is to listen and follow.

As the person receiving prayer, what is my role?

We encourage you to actively participate in the prayer appointment by prayerfully listening to what the Lord may say or show you.

Healing is a process and often God will use a variety of ways to heal: a prayer appointment, personal quiet times, involvement in the local church, etc.

We encourage you to seek the Lord and walk in all the ways He calls you to pursue Him.

PRMI also believes that God heals through doctors, the use of medicine and professional counselors. Therefore, we support and encourage working with a Christian counselor or being under the care of a doctor.

What type of needs does PRMI pray for?

In scripture, Jesus healed and ministered in a variety of ways; he healed the sick, cast out evil spirits and beckoned individuals into a relationship of knowing Him and God the Father.

Likewise, Christ is active today advancing His kingdom: drawing individuals to Himself and healing brokenness that is a result of a fallen world.

Thus, we believe that Christ calls us to pray for these types of healing:

  • Spiritual Healing - being restored in our relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit
  • Inner or Emotional Healing – in which Jesus enables us to forgive those who have hurt us and be restored from the emotional wounds that come from living in a fallen world.
  • Relational Healing – the reconciliation and restoration of broken relationships.
  • Physical Healing - a foretaste of Jesus Christ as the Resurrection and the life.
  • Healing from Demonization – In the authority of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit, discerning, engaging and removing demonic spirits that may block and hinder the healing and restoring work of Jesus Christ.

How do I schedule a prayer appointment?

If you are interested in a prayer appointment, please call the PRMI office (828) 669-7373 or email Rebecca Modrzynski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Prayer appointments are scheduled as needed and Rebecca will coordinate with your schedule and PRMI’s calendar to set a time and day.

What is the cost?

There is no charge for prayer ministry. However, financial gifts to PRMI are appreciated to help with the operating cost and organization for this ministry.

Prayer Appointments at Community of the Cross

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