Prayer undergirds everything PRMI is about.

Prayer is our first priority because it is the key to our vital life in Jesus Christ and cooperating with the Holy Spirit. Over the years, the Holy Spirit has led us into many different program expressions to encourage the work of prayer.

Prayer Cohorts

Prayer Cohorts for PRMI

Prayer Cohorts are specialized groups of intercessors who intentionally engage in prayer against demonic strongholds and for the advancement of the Kingdom of God around the world.   PRMI provides specialized training for those who are called to engage in this type of prayer.

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Healing Week at the Community of the Cross

Healing Week at the Community of the Cros

 Jesus Christ had a ministry of healing. He continues that ministry through us in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Healing Week at the Community of the Cross is a place where you can receive healing prayer from a team of people who are ready and willing to pray with you. 

You may apply to attend one day or multiple days.

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Setup a Prayer Appointment at the Community of the Cross

Prayer Appointment at the Community of the Cross

People come from around the world to enjoy the quiet retreat space and to receive prayer from volunteer teams who have learned to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Prayer appointments with PRMI trained teams are available on an as needed basis at the Community of the Cross.

Are you burned out?  Feeling like you can't get guidance?   Let's pray with you.

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The Walk Of Prayer

The Walk is a simple but powerful form of engagement with God that combines verses of scripture with movement in a way similar to the Stations of the Cross.

The Walk was first developed by the Rev. Alan Leach.

Additional Walks have been developed by a number of people.

These Walks of Prayer may be used anywhere. The key is asking the Holy Spirit to lead you.

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