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A new and long awaited ministry began in January of 2013 – Dunamis has finally been able to join in ministry with our brothers and sisters in South Sudan!

This partnership has been developed with our dear brother Bishop Abraham Nhial, who is the bishop of the diocese of Aweil. 

Bishop Abraham has been a friend of PRMI for a while now and has been instrumental in seeing the country of South Sudan become a country that is committed and passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God advanced.

One of the “Lost Boys” of South Sudan, Bishop Abraham recounts his story in the book “Lost Boy No More” and has been featured multiple times on 60 Minutes.

The ministry in South Sudan

In the first trip to South Sudan there was a dual focus of teaching both Alpha materials and Dunamis Project materials.

The first two days was spent with 35-40 Anglican priests working through setting up and running Alpha courses.  Alpha is an Anglican-birthed evangelistic program that has met unqualified success in many countries. South Sudan, when Alpha courses begin there, will be the 170th country to have Alpha. Part of Alpha is an introduction to the person and work of the Holy Spirit, an excellent lead-in for the Gateways Dunamis, which lays the foundation for learning how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in empowered ministry, whose ultimate goal is bearing witness to Jesus Christ.

The remainder of the time was spent going through the “Gateways to Empowered Ministry” material from Dunamis Project 1.  This was met with extraordinary acceptance as well as a great time of ministry throughout.  There is a hope that this will continue with the Dunamis Project 2, “In the Spirit’s Power” in September this year.

South Sudan, the world’s newest nation (July 2011) is a very needy place. There is a good possibility that the Lord wants to use the Christian Church, filled with the Spirit, to be a major catalyst in uniting that country and spurring its development. We very much want to be available to Him to continue His ministry later this year.  So please be in prayer for the work God is doing in South Sudan.  Also, please pray specifically for the people there such as Abraham who labor in their diocese with no remuneration, but continuously trust in God’s divine providence.

Help Support the Work in South Sudan

If you would like to support the work in South Sudan and the ministry of Bishop Abraham Nhial, please consider below.

Simply go to

Remember to make a note there that your gift should be designated for the “South Sudan Dunamis Fund.”

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