PRMI Mission Teams

PRMI engages in Mission Outreach through responding to Macedonian calls that come in from around the world.

Often these come from those places where the Holy Spirit is moving to bring awakening and Kingdom advancement in churches already established.

Our approach is to discerns a kairos moment in a places and discern if the Holy Spirit is calling us to step into it.

Often our response is sending a short term mission team.

The Nature of PRMI Trips

PRMI’s short term mission trips are strategic opportunities to advance the Kingdom of God.

We teach about the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

As in all PRMI teaching, this includes presentation of materials, but also practice of the principles taught, inviting God to pour out the Holy Spirit and supporting the experience with prayer.

This also includes teaching about and modeling the concept of cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

  • To equip church leaders around the world to do ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit and to teach others to do the same.
  • To carry out mission outreach as ministry (mission team members and their supporters/churches grow in understanding of the Great Commission, in ways to do it effectively, and into a deeper relationship with Christ).
  • To inspire team members and their supporters to creatively renew home congregations.
  • To build financial, spiritual and prayer support for PRMI.
  • To raise up new teams for more countries.

Discerning Mission Opportunities

The process of discerning where, when and who should go is seldom an orderly process of sequential steps, but rather an ongoing creative process of prayer, presenting vision and seizing opportunities. Some indicators about whether now is a kairos moment and who the team leader should be include:

  • Are the doors open?  Is PRMI invited?
  • Responding to a given opportunity
  • Is this from the Lord?  For now?  For our ministry?
  • Creating opportunity by prayer, presenting vision, seizing opportunity
  • Dynamic discernment process by the mission leadership
  • Are one or more people burdened for this country and moment?
  • Describe the opportunity.  Is the purpose clear?  What is the goal for the nationals when the trip is over?
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