PRMI Mission Outreach: Continental Europe

The first Dunamis Projects on the main continent of Europe began in the Czech Republic and Estonia in 2016.

They were followed by the first track in Belarus starting in 2017.

There was a great need for solid Biblical teaching and training on how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in order to advance the Kingdom of God. This type of training is especially needed in Europe because it is the only inhabited continent where the church is in decline.

Dunamis makes a difference

In both Estonia and Belarus, the churches hosting the Dunamis Project have developed their own prayer ministry teams that are currently serving in their churches bringing healing and freedom to those who were afflicted and under spiritual oppression.

In Czech Republic, new ministry teams are also ministering.  The Prague track in Czech Republic is hosted by an international church with a very transient community, which can be a challenge for developing teams.  However, there is a new focus on serving and training more Czech believers in the future. 

Future plans in 2020 and beyond

New tracks are set to begin soon in the Czech Republic in and outside of Prague.

Currently there is research as to the best way and when to begin again in Estonia.

The conclusion of the track in Belarus has been pushed back to the spring of 2021, but in the fall there will be some advanced training in Healing and Deliverance Ministry that will be attended by some other Dunamis alumni from other places in Europe.

In addition to starting new tracks in these current countries, other countries, such as Ukraine, are hungry for Dunamis Projects as well.

There is a desperate need for more Dunamis trained teachers, intercessors, and prayer ministry teams to join in the work that is currently happening in Europe.

To get involved, you can reach out to the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland to find out more on how to pray, give, and even go.

Prayer Needs

Pray that

  • More trained leaders and teachers will be involved in Europe.
  • More locally trained attendees will rise up to be leaders for future tracks.
  • There will be financial providence for some team members to attend tracks as many are support-raised missionaries.
  • There will be God’s favor with government officials in certain places where foreign missionaries and preaching the Gospel is outlawed.
  • People who attend the Dunamis Projects will become bold Holy Spirit empowered believers who are more effective witnesses for Jesus Christ ready to advance the Kingdom of God.
  • The leaders will have wisdom and discernment on where to start new tracks and who to choose to be on the teams for each track.

Thank you for your support of Dunamis in Europe!

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