Mission Outreach of PRMI

We are committed to following the Holy Spirit into whatever geographical areas, cultural and racial groups He may call us to work with Him in the future. This grows out of our mandate given in Acts 1:8 as well as our calling to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

We commit ourselves as a ministry to praying that this will take us to the ends of the earth.

PRMI’s calling in taking part in fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission is equipping Christians to cooperate with the Holy Spirit who is the director of church growth, missions and evangelism.

According to Jesus, the Holy Spirit’s role is to bring glory to Jesus by taking from what is mine and making it known to you (John 16:14).

In Acts 1:4-8 Jesus established the Holy Spirit as the way that we could take part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Since 1966 this ministry has developed teaching materials and programs that enable Christians to grow in the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit so they may take part in growing the church and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To Advance the Kingdom of God

We look for those places where the Holy Spirit is moving to advance the Gospel.

Our equipping is based on the approach and contents of the Dunamis Institute designed to raise up leaders who then have access to our teaching materials and then do the teaching.

Often the Lord will use a person (or persons) who are given a vision and burden for a particular location; they are also given open doors to connect with the nation involved. This is the St. Paul model of doing missions.

Because we are moving with the Holy Spirit in the midst of waves of revival, we see astonishing fruit of thousands of people involved, signs and wonders of the power of God, and the establishment  of indigenous leaders who carry on the equipping themselves.

For those who are called into leadership and in teaching roles they become members of the Dunamis Fellowship International that provides spiritual support, accountability, fellowship and continued equipping.

To Exalt Jesus Christ

PRMI is called to fulfill its vision of exalting Jesus Christ and do our core work of creating the context where Jesus may work to fulfill Acts 1:4-5, 8; Acts 2:17-18 and Acts 2:38-39.

Together these verses point to the biblical reality that this empowering equipping work of the Holy Spirit is for all of God’s people and is essential for anyone who is called to witness to Jesus.

From 1966 to 1990 our sphere of activity was primarily in the Presbyterian and Reformed congregations in North America, with some igniting work in Latin America, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.  (This took place through the travels of the Rev. Brick Bradford and through the ministry of audio tapes.)

With the establishment of the Dunamis Project in 1991 and the Dunamis Fellowship in 2002 our sphere of activity expanded to include the United Kingdom, Uganda, Indonesia, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Haiti, Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala, Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, and New Zealand. 

In the future we are committed to following the Holy Spirit as He deepens and expands our spheres of activity in these geographical and cultural areas where this work has already taken root and is growing.

The means through which we believe Jesus will make this possible are the Dunamis Fellowship International and the anointed people within it.

To Answer the Call of Christ

Being obedient to Jesus Christ and His call upon us looks like this below and is a continuation into the present day of the great movement of the Holy Spirit that God the Father set in motion at Pentecost.

According to Acts 2:17-18, our “spheres of activity” include both men and women, young and old as well as different social classes. 

From 1966 to 2010 our spheres of activity have included men and women, young and old and our faith basis has insured that different social classes have been included. 

We have offered family conferences at Messiah College and Branson family conference,  youth and children programs for Spirit Alive, and Family Camp at the Community of the Cross.

And your sons and your daughters will prophesy.

Joel 2:28 (NIV)

With the introduction of the Youth Empowerment in 1995, that grew into Upward Challenge, we have been called to provide equipping for “our sons and our daughters” so that they may begin to exercise the ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Upward Challenge serves both as a context for mentoring young people into leadership as well as providing a gateway for young people to enter into the movement of the Holy Spirit. 

We are committed to following the Holy Spirit as He continues to call us to create the contexts in which we provide training and materials for our sons and daughters to be equipped by the Holy Spirit for ministry and outreach.

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