Mission Outreach

Our unique calling in taking part in fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission is equipping Christians to cooperate with the Holy Spirit who is the director of church growth, missions and evangelism.    In Acts 1:4-8 Jesus established the Holy Spirit as the way that we could take part in fulfilling the Great Commission.   

Since 1966 this ministry has developed teaching materials and programs that enable Christians to grow in the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit so they may take part in growing the church and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

 Members of the Dunamis Fellowship International take the Dunamis Project teaching in various formats and share it.


Latin American Dunamis

Imagine being part of a team that trains ministry leaders from 8 different countries in just one setting?

Raising up leaders from within their own countries is part of the work that we get to participate in.

Those ministry leaders oversee other leaders, and with their new  knowledge, they are able to do the basic work of evangelism in the power  of the Holy Spirit in their countries.

Part of our joy in ministry is coming along side others who are doing the work of evangelism in Latin America.  One such ministry is Vida Joven (Young Life).

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Indonesian Dunamis

The Holy Spirit’s “big plan” to reveal Jesus Christ to the Muslim World.

The following article was written by Brad Long on September 11, 2010 as he was flying back from Indonesia.

On this anniversary of 9/11 I am on airplanes coming back from Indonesia. I have already sent you one report of how the Holy Spirit was speaking to me on that long flight calling for a “crusade” of prayer for demonic strongholds of deception to be broken down so that the whole Muslim world may come to know the love, forgiveness and salvation of Jesus Christ. This is the next installment on reports from Indonesia.

The Holy Spirit is the director of missions and He knows exactly how to reach the Muslim world. The Holy Spirit already has a plan; a big plan to bring the world to Jesus Christ! Our job is to find out what His plan is by listening, getting guidance and then acting in obedience.

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Mobile Dunamis In Spanish

How the Mobile Dunamis started...

In 2012, the Lord gave PRMI's Executive Director, Brad Long,  a vision for getting the Dunamis Project into Chinese.

This would be in a video format that could spread via jump drives (memory sticks, flash drive) or online. That gave birth to the Mobile Dunamis.

Now the next language group is Spanish.

Chris Walker, Dunamis Faculty for Mission to the Americas, is leading that initiative.

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South Sudan Dunamis

A new and long awaited ministry began in January of 2013 - Dunamis has finally been able to join in ministry with our brothers and sisters in South Sudan!

This partnership has been developed with our dear brother Bishop Abraham Nhial, who is the bishop of the diocese of Aweil.  Bishop Abraham has been a friend of PRMI for a while now and has been instrumental in seeing the country of South Sudan become a country that is committed and passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God advanced. 

One of the "Lost Boys" of South Sudan, Bishop Abraham recounts his story in the book "Lost Boy No More" and has been featured mutliple times on 60 Minutes.

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Haitian Dunamis




Images from Dunamis Projects held in Haiti before the earthquake of 2010.  Marge Van Meter, a member of the Dunamis Fellowship International, is the organizer for this Dunamis.

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