The Four Goals of the Dunamis Institute

A video clip of the Rev. Dr. Brad Long explaining the four goals of the equipping offered by the Dunamis Institute

Now that sounds like a real exciting topic!

Actually it is because once you see what these goals are you will want to join us in this amazing process of taking part with Jesus Christ in growing the Church and advancing the Kingdom of God worldwide – starting right in your own life and congregation.

From the beginning of this ministry, started in 1966 until the present, we have been a part of a great river of the Holy Spirit that is transcending diverse cultures and nations as well as Christian denominations.

The equipping offered by the DI is intended not to give you an academic degree. Please understand we are not opposed to academic degrees – actually most of us on the DI Faculty have them from some of the best seminaries and universities in the USA, UK and Canada. Those academic degrees while extremely important for keeping up the Biblical and theological integrity of teaching in the Church are not for all Christians called into Jesus’ service.

The equipping offered by the Dunamis Institute is however, for all whom Jesus has called to be His witnesses. This overall purpose is fulfilled by developing teaching materials and an educational process that accomplishes the following goals.   Meeting each of these goals is essential if a Christian is to take part in Jesus’ work.

  1. Becoming aware of Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit’s equipping offered to all called into the Kingdom of God. (Acts 2:38-39)
  1. Acquiring a basic personal and academic knowledge of the Bible’s teaching of a Reformed theological framework for understanding the person and work of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor 12:1)
  1. Receiving the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:8 to be effective witnesses to Jesus Christ.
  1. Growing in the dynamic of cooperation with the Holy Spirit in all the diverse areas that Jesus calls us to as a part of His Kingdom Work (healing prayer ministry, evangelism, growing the Church, intercession, deliverance, etc.).

These four aspects are the basic building blocks of any Christian’s participation in the Kingdom of God. These are so basic and universal to our Christian faith that the Dunamis Institute teaching materials and equipping approach has transcended denominations as well as cultures.

For instance, the teaching materials have been effectively used in churches in Uganda, in home fellowships in China, as well as in well-established congregations in the USA, UK and Canada -wherever Christians receive the Bible as the Word of God and are seeking to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

By the way all the equipping offered through the DI is offered on a “faith basis.” which means we do not charge tuition. We do invite everyone to give financial gifts to help to support this work and we welcome you to support us through the work of prayer.

Dunamis Institute Introduction

Since 1966 Presbyterian‐Reformed Ministries International (formerly Presbyterian Charismatic Communion) has enabled thousands of Christians worldwide to enter into a deeper faith in Jesus Christ, into greater usefulness in the Kingdom of God and into growing the Church through the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

In 1991 we launched the Dunamis Project: a series of six intensive, five‐day equipping events introducing the person and work of the Holy Spirit, with practical teaching and practice in cooperating with the Spirit.

There has been the development of many different teaching materials based on the foundations established in the original six units.   This includes published books, videos, and different expressions for different venues such as advanced ministry courses and Ignite for local congregations.   The question has become:

How do you grow teachers and track leaders who embody the core teaching of Dunamis, and offer content online?  How can one preserve the wisdom that has come from 25 years of ministry experience to enable future generations to teach Dunamis and bring people into a relationship with the Holy Spirit?

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