You're Invited to the DFI 2018

Abide, Grow, Bear Fruit: Abiding in Jesus Christ to grow with one another and bear fruit for the world.

Come and join us as we celebrate our connections to Jesus the Vine, to each other, and the world.

Come and enjoy the fellowship and take personal time for growing deeper reliance on Jesus.  Once a year, the Dunamis Fellowship International gathers to:

  • renew our friendships with each other
  • encourage and pray for each other
  • do the work of prayer
  • listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance
  • report on what God is doing through the DFI
  • providing ministry for one another as we are often battle-weary
  • time for prayer and soaking in the Lord's presence at the Community of the Cross

DFI Dunamis Fellowship 2018 Annual Gathering

Come and enjoy good fellowship and times of refreshment in worship. You will hear updates from

  • The regional expressions of the DFI
  • Mission teams that have been doing the work this past year
  • The PRMI ministry team and Board of Directors about how the Lord is calling us to step into 2018.

Come and enjoy

Fellowship at the Dunamis Fellowship International

This is a transition time for the ministry. We have new and younger leaders stepping in –  an amazing answer to prayer!

At the same time, the world we live in seems less stable than ever. From natural disasters to threats of war on many sides, this is a dangerous and challenging time.

We sense that the Lord is calling us to an even great degree of holiness in this season, an army of soldiers who are serious about faith.

There is something about this time, this season, and the need for deeper reliance on Jesus that led us to John 15 and our 2018 theme: Abide, Grow, Bear Fruit.

  • How do we remain in Him?
  • What does that look like in practice both for us as individuals and as a Fellowship?
  • Are we ready for the Fathers’ pruning knife?

Picture a vine in your mind –roots, stem, branches and fruit.

Each is an integral part of the whole and necessary for the vine to be complete. The Father planted the vine and cares for all the branches that have been incorporated into it. The life of the vine should contrast greatly with the life of the old order of creation. This vine needs to manifest the love of God, his holiness and justice in a world that remains pretty much hardened against His purposes.

Both as individuals and as a Fellowship we need to ask the question:

How can we accomplish the Fathers’ purpose for us unless we are prepared to yield ourselves completely into the Fathers’ hands?

God does not see each branch in isolation. To be part of the vine is not only to live in Jesus Christ but also to belong to one another.

Come and deepen and treasure and nurture the connections that we have. May they grow in intimacy and produce an abundant harvest. And may our love for the Lord and each other move us out into the world, where we are called to be witnesses and bear much fruit.

If you are not able to join us onsite, we will be live streaming the large group gatherings of the meeting (mornings and evenings).

More information will be available about signing up and joining over the internet.

Details and How to Register:

The 2018 DFI meeting will again be held at the Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC.

(NOTE:  This year we are starting with dinner on Tuesday night and will end with lunch Saturday. This is to make the meeting more accessible for pastors and other leaders who need to be back in worship at their congregations on Sunday morning.)

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Video Invitations To the Dunamis Fellowship International 2018 #dfi2018

Over the month of December 2017, various people have recorded video invitations to join us at the upcoming Dunamis Fellowship International Annual Meeting in Black Mountain NC in January of 2018. These videos were first shared on the PRMI Facebook page.

If you want to stay in touch with PRMI via Facebook, visit our page at and make sure you tap Like.  If you want to absolutely sure you see 100% of what gets put there, tap the drop down arrow next to "following" and select "see first."

Barb Ferrier of the Dunamis Fellowship Canada

Paul Stokes, of the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland

Martin Boardman,  Prayer Mobilizer

Sher Ross, Dunamis family in the Pacific Northwest


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