Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland

The Dunamis Fellowship in Britain and Ireland (DFB&I) is a regional expression of Dunamis, established in 2005. Our ‘patch’ crosses political borders and covers the geographic region of these islands, as well as being a gateway for extending this ministry into mainland Europe.

We share the same desire as the whole Dunamis Fellowship International – to exalt Jesus Christ by helping equip his church for ministry and mission that is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

To achieve these aims we have (so far) run ten Dunamis Project tracks, with more than 400 participants.

We have also run the Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit conference on three occasions; hosted the Exousiatraining program for Dunamis leaders; run four Upward Challenge youth camps; and provided the extensive and intensive Advanced Training course for healing ministry.

We have also developed the Ignite! mini-event for congregations, introducing some of the key Dunamis teaching and practices for local churches.

The DFB&I’s work is overseen by Rev Paul Stokes (Director) and a Leadership Team who are experienced in teaching and leading Dunamis ministry. For more details about our work, contact information, and news about upcoming events, visit www.dunamis.org.uk

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