Dunamis Fellowship Alaska

Dunamis Fellowship Alaska (DFAK) is a regional expression of Dunamis Fellowship International.

We have been active in Alaska for over 20 years and have a well-established community which includes people from various denominations and non-denominational churches, participants from out-of-state, and attendees from many areas of our vast State.

It is our goal to provide equipping for your call to follow Jesus whatever that may be, and to be a helpful resource to the church.

As the arm of PRMI in Alaska, we offer:

  1. The Dunamis Project or one of the Advanced Ministry Courses held twice yearly in April and late September at Victory Bible Camp in Sutton, AK.
  2. Upward Challenge camp for high school held yearly, usually in late May to early June.
  3. With the Wind spiritual formation retreats for young adults ages 18-30 held yearly at a local bed and breakfast.
  4. Small Groups for continued fellowship, prayer, and learning as follow-up for our programs. Usually held once or twice monthly.
  5. The Ignite program and the Dunamis Video Courses for congregations or groups upon request.

(Consult the schedule of Upcoming Events for course descriptions and to register.)  

We would be happy to be a resource to anyone interested in a church-based program such as Ignite or the Dunamis Video Course.

We do not charge for our ministry or courses beyond the camp facility fees where programs are held.

Contact our Communications Director at Dunamis Fellowship Alaska dunamis.ak@gmail.com for all questions and up-to-date information.

Testimonies and more information can be found at http://dunamisalaska.wordpress.com

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