Video Archive: 2020 Dunamis Fellowship International

As the whole ministry expands generationally and globally–beyond the English-speaking world–we need to explore ways of better address the challenges of international ministry.

Be encouraged as we hear of the unique and creative things happening in our regional expressions and beyond! Amazing things are going on–prepare to be inspired.

These are the unedited clips as live streamed during the meeting of the DFI in January 2020.

In the future, these will be edited and turned into clips. You’ll need to skip around to find the content you would like.

Unedited Live Stream Archives

Welcome to #dfi2020 Wednesday night worship
Thursday morning, all morning, worship, devotions, the ministry
#dfi2020 Thursday afternoon, Workshop
Friday morning worship
Friday morning Part 2
The History of PRMI, Bishop Ben Torrey, Jesus Abbey
Friday Evening #dfi2020 reports
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