Dunamis Fellowship International

The Dunamis Fellowship International (DFI) is the fellowship of those who have experienced the teachings of PRMI and seek to encourage one another to grow in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

It is a unique combination of a missionary society, a seminary faculty, and an intentional prayer community that enables us help you cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Members are sent in mission to the world, teach at all PRMI events, and are involved in the work of prayer that sustains the work of PRMI.

The Dunamis Fellowship International is focused on mobilizing, equipping, and deploying Holy Spirit-empowered witnesses for participation in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit that is advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and extending the Kingdom of God.

  • To Mobilize God’s people for engagement in God’s work through prayer and casting vision. Above all, the way people get mobilized for engagement in Kingdom work through having an encounter with Jesus Christ. When we are caught up in the person of Jesus and catch His vision then we are mobilized to follow Him as His witnesses and disciples.
  • To Equip God’s people to be effective witnesses to Jesus Christ wherever they may be called. The primary way we are equipped is through growing in a personal relationship with Jesus, growing in the Bible as the Word of God, and being filled with the Holy Spirit as found in Acts 1:8 for power and gifts. We would add to that the need for a grounding in a careful study of scripture, Reformed theology, and well as practical learning in how to cooperate in ministry with the Holy Spirit.
  • To Deploy God’s people to be witnesses to Jesus Christ who are empowered by the Holy Spirit and advancing the Kingdom for the glory of God the Father. Through prayer and equipping, we are called to enable the sending of people into the church and the world as witnesses to Jesus.

These goals are accomplished through a variety of program offerings, written materials, the Community of the Cross, along with the organization and administrative support system of PRMI and the Dunamis Fellowship.

The Dunamis Fellowship International is a Fellowship

The Dunamis Fellowship International connects members from all over the world.

The Dunamis Fellowship International provides fellowship, accountability, and prayer connections of people who have completed some or all of the Dunamis Project.

It is a Spiritual Fellowship of people who have been born again and are focused on the fulfillment of a common vision, committed to following Jesus Christ and have been baptized with the Holy Spirit.

We gather once a year at our annual international meeting to:

  • Renew our friendships with each other
  • Do the work of prayer
  • Listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance.
  • Report on what God is doing through the DFI
  • Provide ministry for one another as we are often battle-weary
  • Discern how God may be calling us to develop programs
  • Discern how to respond to opportunities in the future

The Dunamis Fellowship International is a unique combination of

  • missionary society,
  • a seminary faculty, and
  • an intentional prayer community.

This enables us to meet the challenges of working for renewal and advancing the Gospel in the world today.

1. Dunamis Fellowship International is a Missionary Society

The Dunamis Fellowship International is a group of people are committed to the vision of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Members of the society teach, preach, and witness to the gospel throughout the world.

Our primary method of engagement in missions is through short-term teaching mission trips that equip national leaders for participation in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Dunamis Fellowship International is a Seminary

Individuals are equipped for ministry through anointed teachers who present the biblical and theological foundations of ministry.

This equipping aspect of the Dunamis Fellowship International’s calling is expressed through the Dunamis Institute.

3. Dunamis Fellowship International is an Intentional Prayer Community

The life and work of the Dunamis Fellowship International is grounded in prayer. Through prayer we grow in intimacy with God, receive anointing for ministry, and open doors for advancing the gospel.

4. Dunamis Fellowship International is the spiritual home of people who are growing in the ministry of PRMI

This aspect of the DFI is expressed through prayer networks around the world and at the Community of the Cross: A Place of Encounter with Jesus Christ for Prayer, Equipping, and Sending (which is located on 24 lovely mountain acres in Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA).

The Dunamis Fellowship International (DFI)is a spiritual fellowship of people who have been born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit; who are committed to following Jesus Christ and are focused on fulfilling a common vision.

This vision is to mobilize, equip, and deploy Spirit-empowered witnesses for Jesus Christ.

The DFI connects members from all over the world, providing fellowship, accountability and prayer connections for people who have participated in some or all of the Dunamis Project.

This international fellowship has regional expressions in several geographic areas, as well as providing teaching in regions such as Nicaragua, Japan, and the Czech Republic. The current regional expression are:

Dunamis Fellowship International (DFI)

Dunamis Fellowship Canada (DFC)

Dunamis Fellowship in Britain and Ireland (DFB&I)

Dunamis Fellowship Alaska (DFAK)

Dunamis Fellowship Korea (DFK)

Dunamis Fellowship Northwest US (DFNW-U.S.)

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