The Prayer House

We are asking God to raise up a dedicated Prayer House at the Community of the Cross as a place set apart for prayer for the world and training intercessors in the work of corporate prayer.

First Envisioned in 1975

The Prayer House vision has a long history.  It has its roots in 1975 when the Lord first gave Brad Long the vision of the Community of the Cross while at Jesus Abbey in Korea.

In that vision, the Lord shared with Brad that the Community of the Cross was to be above all a place of prayer because prayer is the basis of outpourings of the Holy Spirit.


Initial Preparations in 2003

After PRMI received the land for the Community for the Cross in 2003, we started plans to build this prayer house.  We received a $100,000 gift given by a Taiwanese family, for the Prayer House.

Over several years we developed plans for the building. We got architectural drawings. We looked at each aspect of the building itself, as well as landscaping. We continually asked, “What will draw people into prayer?”

Floor Plan of the Prayer House

Developing Programs while waiting

However, despite our preparations and prayer, the Lord did not give us the go-ahead or the funding for the Prayer House. Instead we moved forward with using the Land itself as a sanctuary and built outdoor prayer places.

We built the Prayer Porch and Ascension Point.

The Lord’s given us the Sheepfold Prayer House as a place for intercessors and Dunamis teachers to rest and pray.

We have focused on all the other aspects launching equipping ministries using the facilities we had been given to the max.

We also watched PRMI’s ministry grow internationally with thousands of people being equipped in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Cindy Strickler teaching at the 2016 Missions Conference

Not Enough Space Right Now

There is not enough available space for prayer groups and prayer ministry teams.

If you’ve been to the Community of the Cross, you know what it’s like to pray in cramped rooms, or to delay a prayer appointment for lack of a private space.

The Prayer House will have rooms to solve this problem.

A Quiet Place for Prayer

Other times, we have intercessors in residence who need a quiet and undisturbed place for prayer.

The current buildings at the Community of the Cross function as our fulltime offices and gathering places.

Trying to find a quiet place of prayer during an event or during the work week can be difficult.  The prayer house will provide that dedicated space for intercessors in residence to do their work.

A Place of Prayer for the World and Local Community

As the ministry of PRMI grows, more groups are using the Community of the Cross as their gathering place for prayer.

Groups gather to pray about specific global issues, and even join with other 24/7 prayer centers around the world via high speed Internet.

Some people come to the Community of the Cross to meet with a team for personal prayer ministry.

2016 Friends At The CoC

The Kingdom Opportunity Prayer Campaign

In 2013, as we approached the milestone of 50 years of ministry, we launched the Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016 campaign. We cast the vision of what we needed to move into another fifty years of ministry. We produced a 30 day prayer guide  to invite the PRMI family to pray these areas into reality.

  • Equip – the people who provide ministry,
  • Build – the facilities at the COC and
  • Send – people and teaching worldwide.

We fully expected that God would send the money to build at the Community of the Cross in 2013.  We had outgrown our facilities.  We desperately needed a new kitchen and meeting space.

Continued Waiting until Now

In October 2016 came one more powerful affirmation that all this is on the right track. A gift of $400,000!

In the midst of conflicting needs of PRMI, after spending time in prayer and discernment, and looking at how God has been guiding us, we believe that the next step of obedience is to use this strategic gift to build the long dreamed-of Prayer House over on the highest ridge at the Community of the Cross.

Here in 2017, we have discerned the Lord’s call to move forward to raise the remaining funds for the Prayer House.

With all the initial gifts, construction drawings have all been completed.  Some underground infrastructure has been installed.

We just need the rest of the provision, as well as the “go ahead” from the Lord, to start building.

By October 2017, we’ve received approximately another $175,000 since that initial gift towards the completion of the prayer house.

And we believe it’s time to build.

We see these gifts toward the Prayer House as a catalyst to move the Community of the Cross forward as a hub of intercession to take part in the movement of the Holy Spirit which is leading us toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

No matter what the current global crisis is that needs prayer, your gift will enable us to mobilize equipped intercessors to engage in global prayer.

The Prayer house gets relocated and redesigned

As plans to build the Prayer House on the ridge were moving forward, we’ve encountered huge and unexpected challenges with current fire codes and the original site on the ridge.

These challenges were prayerfully taken up by the PRMI Board and Leadership team at the August 2017 Board meeting.

After much prayer the decision was made to move the site of the Prayer House closer to the other buildings at the Community of the Cross.

See the video of Brad Long explaining the reasons for the change:

The new location will bring the Prayer House down near the activity center of the Community of the Cross, easing access to the Prayer House considerably, which by God’s grace will likely increase intercession going out from that place fulfilling its role as a hub of intercession.

By late 2017, initial redesigns, site surveys, and infrastructure planning are underway.  The future site has been cleared of underbrush to help clear the space for marking out the corners to make sure all points work with the terrain.

Prayer Points for the Prayer House

  • Pray for intercessors to be raised up who are called to come and pray at the Community of the Cross.
  • Pray for the financial resources needed to build the Prayer House. Give thanks for the initial gifts that were given that provided for the planning of the Prayer House. Pray that the balance now comes in so we can build.
  • Pray that the building and prayer work that takes place in it and on the Community of the Cross land will be the nexus of a worldwide network and movement of prayer outpourings of the Holy Spirit advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.
  • Pray for the financial provision as well as for the people–all that is needed to stay on track with the guidance of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that, in all our programs and ministries and people,the presence of Jesus Christ will be powerfully and tangibly present.
  • Pray that everyone who is touched by this ministry will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will grow in a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be embraced by the love of God the Father.

A Place of Encounter with Jesus Christ

What we imagine most is people who come to the Community of the Cross will find this to be a place of encounter with Jesus to find healing and restoration so they can be sent back into whatever ministry they are called.

The Prayer House will become a hub for intercession, that will sustain and support the army of intercessors which the Lord is calling PRMI to help raise.

The Prayer House underway

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